27 Ideas For Adorable And Unexpected Wedding Cakes

So you’ll have something nice to look at before everyone starts stuffing their faces.

3. Champagne Bubbles Wedding Cake

From A Simple Cake.

4. Doughnut Wedding Cake

These ones are made of fondant, but you could totally hit up your local Dunkin’ and do it that way too.

5. Gluten- And Dairy-Free Wedding Cake

From The Sweet Tooth Cakery.

6. Lace Appliqué Wedding Cake

They’re all edible.

9. Wedding Pie

Some people like boysenberry and apple way more than chocolate buttercream.

10. Pollock-Inspired Wedding Cake

His paintings look like they were made to be rendered in chocolate drizzles.

11. Embroidery-Inspired Wedding Cake

12. Cake Pops

You could serve them in lieu of cake (they’re super efficient) or stick them in the top of yours for some cake-on-cake action. Buy these here.

13. Cake Pop Wedding Cake

14. Wedding Cake Dress

I’m not recommending you do this, but I’m not not-recommending it either. By artist Lukka Sigurdardottir.

15. Vintage Wedding Cake Forks

Use them as toppers or keep them as mementos. Available here.

16. Custom Bicycle Cake Topper

Available here.

17. DIY Bunting Cake Topper

Directions here.

18. “Up” Chairs Cake Topper

Buy this here, if you’re comfortable with sobbing through your entire cake-cutting.

19. Wicker Heart Cake Topper

Available here.

20. DIY Clothespin Cake Topper

Directions here.

21. Crochet Hearts Cake Topper

Available here.

22. DIY Wedding Cake Topper Kit

Available here.

23. Fox Wedding Cake Topper

For an especially foxy couple. Buy them here.

24. DIY Zinc Letters Cake Topper

Directions here.

25. DIY Manhattan Skyline Cake Topper

Directions here.

26. DIY Coral Wedding Cake Topper

27. Peas In A Pod Cake Topper

Awww. Buy it here.

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