27 Ideas For Adorable And Unexpected Wedding Cakes

So you’ll have something nice to look at before everyone starts stuffing their faces.

1. Graphic Wedding Cake

ID: 864869

2. Graffiti Wedding Cake

ID: 859444

3. Champagne Bubbles Wedding Cake

From A Simple Cake.

ID: 865108

4. Doughnut Wedding Cake

These ones are made of fondant, but you could totally hit up your local Dunkin’ and do it that way too.

ID: 859442

5. Gluten- And Dairy-Free Wedding Cake

From The Sweet Tooth Cakery.

ID: 859781

6. Lace Appliqué Wedding Cake

They’re all edible.

ID: 865040

7. Ombre Wedding Cake

ID: 859480

8. Mushroom Wedding Cake

ID: 859488

9. Wedding Pie

Some people like boysenberry and apple way more than chocolate buttercream.

ID: 859510

10. Pollock-Inspired Wedding Cake

His paintings look like they were made to be rendered in chocolate drizzles.

ID: 865044

11. Embroidery-Inspired Wedding Cake

ID: 865053

12. Cake Pops

You could serve them in lieu of cake (they’re super efficient) or stick them in the top of yours for some cake-on-cake action. Buy these here.

ID: 864626

13. Cake Pop Wedding Cake

ID: 864826

14. Wedding Cake Dress

I’m not recommending you do this, but I’m not not-recommending it either. By artist Lukka Sigurdardottir.

ID: 859770

15. Vintage Wedding Cake Forks

Use them as toppers or keep them as mementos. Available here.

ID: 864623

16. Custom Bicycle Cake Topper

Available here.

ID: 864634

17. DIY Bunting Cake Topper

Directions here.

ID: 859736

18. “Up” Chairs Cake Topper

Buy this here, if you’re comfortable with sobbing through your entire cake-cutting.

ID: 864639

19. Wicker Heart Cake Topper

Available here.

ID: 864647

20. DIY Clothespin Cake Topper

Directions here.

ID: 859742

21. Crochet Hearts Cake Topper

Available here.

ID: 864660

22. DIY Wedding Cake Topper Kit

Available here.

ID: 864728

23. Fox Wedding Cake Topper

For an especially foxy couple. Buy them here.

ID: 864669

24. DIY Zinc Letters Cake Topper

Directions here.

ID: 865074

25. DIY Manhattan Skyline Cake Topper

Directions here.

ID: 865095

26. DIY Coral Wedding Cake Topper

ID: 846494

Directions here.

ID: 846497

27. Peas In A Pod Cake Topper

Awww. Buy it here.

ID: 864652

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