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Opinion: Cops Finally Found A Decent Use For Sex Trafficking Charges

Police and prosecutors love to use claims of "sex trafficking" to crack down on innocent sex workers. For once, though, they seem to be getting it right.

R. Kelly Was Denied Bond After Being Charged With Federal Sex Crimes

The R&B singer pleaded not guilty in Chicago federal court.

R. Kelly Was Charged With Federal Sex Crimes In Both Chicago And New York

The R&B singer is accused of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to recover sex tapes and conceal his behavior.

R. Kelly Pleaded Not Guilty To 11 More Sex Abuse Charges Involving A Minor

The new charges were filed by a grand jury and involve a woman who was under the age of 18 at the time of the alleged abuse.

How The Story Of R. Kelly’s “Sex Cult” Finally Went Public — And Quickly Exploded

I spent almost 20 years reporting on R. Kelly, and nine months trying to find an outlet to publish the story of the “sex cult” that would — finally — get the world’s attention. (An excerpt from Soulless: The Case Against R. Kelly.)

R. Kelly Has Been Indicted With 11 More Sexual Assault And Abuse Charges

The new charges were filed by a grand jury in Illinois and involve a woman who was under the age of 18 at the time of the alleged abuse.

A Pennsylvania Man Says He Found A Tape Of R. Kelly Allegedly Abusing Underage Girls And Gave It To Law Enforcement

Attorney Gloria Allred is representing Gary Dennis, who found the tape. Authorities in New York declined to comment.

R. Kelly Is Out Of Jail After A $161,000 Child Support Payment Was Paid For Him

"I promise you, we're gonna straighten all this stuff out, that's all I can say right now," he said in a brief statement to reporters.

How Traditional Ideas About The Ideal Father Can Mask Abuse

From R. Kelly to Michael Jackson, men accused of preying on children often use idealized versions of fatherhood to maintain their innocence and hide their abuse.

The Two Women Living With R. Kelly Said They Love Him And Accused Their Parents Of Blackmailing The Singer

Azriel Clary and Jocelyn Savage defended R. Kelly in an interview with Gayle King and said their parents were liars who were trying to "scam" the singer.

R. Kelly Is Back In Jail After Failing To Pay $161,663 In Child Support

The R&B singer was ordered held until he comes up with the full amount to pay his ex-wife.

People Are Praising Gayle King For Keeping Her Cool While Interviewing R. Kelly

Kelly exploded in the interview, saying, "I’m fighting for my fucking life.”

“Leaving Neverland” Reveals The Monster We Didn’t Want To See In Michael Jackson

In telling the gut-wrenching stories of two boys who survived Jackson’s alleged abuse, the HBO documentary digs deep into the most painful contradictions of a cultural icon.

R. Kelly Allegedly Met One Of His Underage Sex Abuse Victims At His 2008 Trial

An Illinois court heard new details of the aggravated criminal sexual assault charges against R. Kelly during a bond hearing on Saturday.

R. Kelly Has Been Arrested On Charges Of Aggravated Sexual Abuse

The R&B singer was arrested a day after two women came forward with new allegations of sexual misconduct.

Two More Women Are Accusing R. Kelly Of Sexual Misconduct When They Were Teens

The women, now 39 and 40, held a news conference with attorney Gloria Allred to announce their allegations.

We’re Finally Listening To Lorena Bobbitt. Why Did It Take So Long?

Documentaries that rethink decades-old scandals, like Amazon’s Lorena, are becoming routine. But when will we start extending public empathy in real time?

A New Tape Allegedly Shows R. Kelly Sexually Assaulting An Underage Girl

The tape was sent to Chicago prosecutors by lawyer Michael Avenatti.

The #MuteRKelly Campaign Appears To Be Succeeding At US Radio Stations After The Lifetime Doc

Amid renewed attention on the R&B singer and his sexual misconduct allegations, many radio workers are opting to #MuteRKelly. “You have to feel some type of culpability or feel complicit in some way,” said one DJ, “especially if you work in radio.”

“Insecure” Star Amanda Seales Slammed R. Kelly And Erykah Badu

“His art is literally interconnected to the actual heinous acts that he is performing.”

R. Kelly's Former Manager Surrendered To Authorities After Allegedly Threatening Joycelyn Savage's Family

James Mason allegedly threatened to harm the family of Joycelyn Savage, one of the women featured in the Lifetime documentary Surviving R. Kelly, after her father tried to contact her.

R. Kelly Has Reportedly Been Dropped By His Record Label

Kelly has been removed from the "artists" section of the website of RCA Records, where he was featured as recently as last month.

How Did The Media Get The R. Kelly Story So Wrong? The New York Times Led The Way.

Throughout the 2000s, America's most influential newspaper celebrated R. Kelly as a pop genius and downplayed the horrific reports coming out of Chicago.

One Of R. Kelly’s Alleged Victims Accused The Singer Of Threatening Her To Keep Silent

An attorney for Faith Rodgers said they also plan to meet with New York police detectives regarding their investigation into potential victims.

R. Kelly Protesters And Fans Faced Off Outside His Chicago Studio

The protest took place after Illinois officials denied a permit for a scheduled concert because of security concerns.

Here Are 53 Songs Written Or Sung By R. Kelly That Are Now Tainted

The R&B artist’s impact went beyond his own songs. What are we to do about the music from all the artists he influenced and wrote for?

Lady Gaga Apologized For Working With Alleged Predator R. Kelly

"I stand behind these women 1000%," Gaga wrote. "The allegations against R Kelly [are] absolutely horrifying and indefensible."

Poetry: After Watching “Surviving R. Kelly”

"People want me to believe / there’s a difference when the result / is the same, same, same."

R. Kelly Is Being Investigated In Georgia And Illinois After The Lifetime Documentary About Him

The attorney representing parents who told police their adult daughter is being held captive by Kelly confirmed to BuzzFeed News that prosecutors had reached out after the documentary series aired.

John Legend Defended Himself After People Called Him A Hypocrite For Criticizing R. Kelly

People have shared a photo of Legend and his wife posing in 2016 with Harvey Weinstein as evidence of his hypocrisy, but the singer is fighting back.

Chance The Rapper Said His Comments About Regretting Working With R. Kelly Were Taken Out Of Context

"I apologize to all of his survivors for working with him and for taking this long to speak out."

John Legend Says He Believes R. Kelly's Accusers And Won't Protect "A Serial Child Rapist"

“It didn't feel risky at all," Legend said of his decision to appear in Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly documentary.

The Premiere Of The "Surviving R. Kelly" Documentary Was Evacuated Over A Gun Threat

"What happened tonight was awful, especially for the women who had bravely shared their painful stories," #MeToo movement founder Tarana Burke said.

A Journalist Says She Was Assaulted While Trying to Film A Documentary About R. Kelly

“All I know is I felt an arm around my neck and I was lifted up,” said the documentarian, Lyric Cabral, of her abrupt ejection from a club where R. Kelly was hosting an afterparty. “The next thing I know I’m facing outside.”

Spotify Reversed Its Policy And Will No Longer Punish Musicians For "Hateful" Conduct

"We don’t aim to play judge and jury," Spotify said.

Spotify's CEO Says He Regrets How The R. Kelly Move Was Handled

One former music industry insider said Daniel Ek appeared to be backtracking on the moral stand he took this month.

Alleged Abuse Victim's Father Says R. Kelly's Manager Made A Death Threat

On Tuesday, the family met with police about alleged “terroristic threats” made by Kelly’s manager: “I’m gonna do harm to you and your family, when I see you I’m gonna get you, I’m going to fucking kill you.”

R. Kelly Is Being Sued For Sexual Battery And False Imprisonment

Faith Rodgers, 20, claimed the singer knowingly gave her herpes during their abusive yearlong relationship.

Spotify a banni R. Kelly de ses playlists, mais pas Bertrand Cantat

Accusé de violences sexuelles, le chanteur de R'n'B ne sera plus sélectionné par la plateforme. Le chanteur de Noir Désir, condamné en 2004 pour avoir tué Marie Trintignant, s'y trouve encore.

Apple Music And Pandora Are No Longer Promoting R. Kelly's Music

Spotify announced a similar policy earlier this week as the singer faces a boycott over allegations of sexual misconduct.

Spotify Will No Longer Promote R. Kelly’s Music In Its Playlists Or Anywhere On Its Platform

Rapper XXXTentacion's music has also been removed from all Spotify playlists.

“He’s A Predator”: Two More Women Speak Out About R. Kelly’s Alleged Sexual Abuse

The new allegations range from underage sexual abuse in the 1990s to holding a “brainwashed” woman in a “cult” today.

Time's Up Has Launched A Campaign To Boycott R. Kelly

Women of color in the Hollywood-led Time's Up movement want to end R. Kelly's career because of the many allegations against him, using the campaign #MuteRKelly.

The Woman Who Said R. Kelly Abused Her Refuses To Be Silenced

For Jerhonda Pace, who last summer accused musician R. Kelly of abusing her when she was a minor, watching #MeToo take down powerful men has been bittersweet. “What about R. Kelly’s victims? What about us? Nothing happened for us.”

The Man Accused Of Robbing Two Of R. Kelly's Homes Has Turned Himself In

Entire rooms were emptied and the contents sold, police told BuzzFeed News. Alfonso Walker turned himself into police on Monday after more than a week on the run.

K. Michelle On Abuse Allegations Against R. Kelly: "Right Is Right And Wrong Is Wrong"

"I’ve been going back and forth with how to speak about it and how to do right for those girls," the singer told Billboard.

A Woman Who Says She Had Underage Sex With R. Kelly Is Finally Telling Her Story

Jerhonda Pace was just 15 when she met her musical idol, R. Kelly, outside his child pornography trial. The alleged underage sexual relationship with him that followed and subsequent payouts mirror decades of allegations against the star.

A Georgia Official Is Calling For A Criminal Investigation Into R. Kelly

The Fulton County, Georgia, commission chairman cited new evidence uncovered by law enforcement.

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