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Ice T


Coco Gets An Ultrasound Of Her Ass To Prove It's Real

Following in the completely-unnecessary footsteps of Courtney Stodden, Coco decided to go on national television to prove that her butt is 100% real. This clip is from today's edition of "The Doctors".


Twitter Feud: Ice T Vs. Aimee Mann

Because Aimee Mann is rad, she pretty casually tweeted that it makes no sense for Ice T to get his own TV show. And Ice T stumbled across her opinion and didn't take too well to it.

Coco's Squat-Thrust Tips

This photo of Ice-T's wife Coco has been circulating the internet (with good reason!) but it's not the first time we've seen her in Imaginary Dump formation. Here are some tips on how to squat properly so you too can get a Coco ass!

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