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    Ice T's Clapbacks To Being Told "OK, Boomer" Are Both Hilarious And True

    "I'm boomin' at THE BANK."

    This is Ice T, star of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and, surprisingly, funny Twitter user.

    A few days ago, Ice T tweeted this:

    See: funny Twitter user.

    Ofc, someone had to hit him with this comment:

    @FINALLEVEL This is such a boomer meme

    In a since-deleted tweet, Ice T posed this harrowing question:

    And someone was kind enough to answer him!

    @FINALLEVEL It’s like saying “whatever you say grandpa” in a sarcastic voice.

    Now that Ice T was equipped with the proper knowledge, he began to, as the kids say, GO IN ON THESE CLOWNS:

    He started off by shutting down the haters with, as he calls them, ICE COLD FACTS:

    Got it.. F em... I’m Boomin at the BANK..

    He then reiterated how much ~cooler~ he is than these clowns. 'Cause, you know, his name is "Ice":

    These MFs don’t want no Smoke... I was way cooler than them when I was their age.. And I’m still UNFUCKWITHABLE.

    And THEN he just started roasting people left and right:

    Ok Clownass.....

    I deadass spit out my coffee:

    I’m gonna have somebody steal your bike..

    To get smoked by Ice T on the very public internet is a very real fear of mine on account of the fact that he's one of my idols.

    I was gonna diss you.. But then I looked at your pic and the damage is already done..

    All jokes aside, in response to Boomergate, Ice T dropped this Ice Cold Fact™ that we all can learn from:

    Ice Cold Fact: The time spent Hatin on other people you don’t even know.. Would be MUCH better used getting your OWN shit together.

    And, to end it all, he reiterated that the "youths" aren't the problem, just the clowns of the interwebs:

    FYI: I have no problems with the Youth... Just DumbFucks.

    At the end of the day, I think the takeaway is not to mess with Ice T, 'cause you will LOSE!