15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    "Taking a nap without setting an alarm is the most thrilling thing I will do all day."

    Another week at home meant more celeb quarantine thoughts about naps, booze, and cats, to name a few topics. Here's a bunch of tweets you might have missed this week:

    1. Frankie Muniz revisited My Dog Skip:

    You know when you are quarentined and you watch one of your own movies and end up crying? Yeah...I just watched My Dog Skip. I cried.

    2. Shakira graduated from an online philosophy course:

    I just graduated from my 4 week Ancient Philosophy course with the University of Pennsylvania (@Penn). I know... my hobbies are very impractical, but it took a lot of hours after the kids were asleep. Thank you Plato and predecessors for all the "fun" over the past month!

    3. Mark Ruffalo commemorated the 16th anniversary of 13 Going on 30:

    Happy Anniversary to 13 Going on 30 today! Remember what the world was like when Razzles were all the rage? Missing that time 🍬

    4. J.K. Rowling had a nightmare:

    Had the most elaborate nightmare of my life last night: a hammer-wielding serial killer, a female scientist working on a Coronavirus vaccine & many sub-plots, one involving rescuing an ape from a window ledge. In a break between gruesome killings, I took @EmmaWatson out to lunch.

    5. Chance The Rapper revealed he "watches" scary movies the way I watch scary movies:

    Do u ever be like “damn that movie looks crazy. But its too scary.. ill just read the wikipedia.”?

    6. Dua Lipa shared her quarantine routine:

    I haven’t been counting... but day 28471629 and we have a massive chocolate cake with 2 small spoons, a new mani every 3rd day, making Palestinian Maeloubah (thank you Mohamed Hadid for the recipe!!) + next days leftovers were even better 🤤

    7. Reese Witherspoon RSVP'd yes for some post-quarantine plans with a fan:

    Yes! I will bring the beer ! 🍻 https://t.co/tVEP0jo5YO

    8. Ice T did NOT qualify for a stimulus check:

    Thought I’d try and get a Stimulus check... They sent me this..

    9. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer had a proposal to unite men's and women's tennis under one organizaton:

    Hey @rogerfederer as you know per our discussions I completely agree that it would be great to get out of this world crisis with the union of men's and women's tennis in one only organisation 🎾👍🏻 https://t.co/fTCfvMiU4G

    10. Taylor Swift shared a cat pic:

    11. Mandy Patinkin and his wife, Kathryn Grody, tried to understand internet speak:

    Who makes these up!? Learning to communicate.

    12. Bruno Mars promised some new music:

    I’m writing everyday... I promise. ❤️ https://t.co/FbzDUfKIFY

    13. Chris Evans shared his love for Stanley Tucci:

    I. Love. Stanley. Tucci. On some(most) days after we finished filming on the first Captain America movie, Stanley would make us martinis in his trailer. He’s an absolute gem. However cool, fun, witty, and charming you think he is, double it and you’re halfway there. https://t.co/mEJzuV8oAH

    14. Lili Reinhart had a thrilling day in quarantine:

    Taking a nap without setting an alarm is the most thrilling thing I will do all day.

    15. And Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis launched a line called Quarantine Wine: