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    Ice-T Just Eviscerated A Troll On Twitter, Reminding Me How Good He Is At The Bird App

    If you don't like him, just block him.

    Twitter can be somewhat of a dark place.

    While my haters are talking shit….

    Twitter: @FINALLEVEL

    But there's *one* very good person who keeps it very real and very cool on the platform.

    Chillin… Playin Video Games, Watching movies, Talkin a little shit on Twitter, Stayin out the way.

    Twitter: @finallevel

    That person is Ice-T.

    Cinder Block 🧱 challenge. It’s not as easy as it looks... Never sleep on and OG. 💎

    Twitter: @FINALLEVEL

    He has fully figured Twitter out.

    I get on Twitter… talk a little shit.. Get off… Back to life...

    Twitter: @FINALLEVEL

    From "dumbfucks"...

    Dumbfucks of the day...

    Twitter: @FINALLEVEL "clownasses"...

    Sounds like YOU just got Blocked. Suck these Balls on the way out... Clownass

    Twitter: @FINALLEVEL calling Gary Sheffield a lil bitch.

    Lil Gary, you obviously were born a Lil Bitch.

    Twitter: @FINALLEVEL

    He's not afraid to call out his trolls.

    Lol.. If this was my manager, he deserves way more than what I pay him… You gotta be new.

    Twitter: @FINALLEVEL

    Besides ending random trolls, he's also, just like, funny.

    Naked and Afraid is just plain stupid. In what situation would you be stuck ButtNaked in the Jungle?? F that! ‘I watch it though!’ Lol

    Twitter: @FINALLEVEL

    He's appreciative of his fans.

    Hey... I gotta LOVE you for that compliment.. My character just tries to mind his own business.. Kinda like me in real life. Thanks 🙏

    Twitter: @FINALLEVEL

    And he has good opinions about McDonald's fries.

    McDonalds Fries 🍟 have a delicious time window of about 10mins hot. Then they turn into ANTIMATTER. Just sayin....

    Twitter: @FINALLEVEL

    And now I'd like to talk about one recent comeback that caught my attention, because the man is a damn pro.

    Nbc / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

    He proved, yet again, that you shouldn't come for him:

    I came.... Just give me a few mins..

    Twitter: @FINALLEVEL

    : 0

    Twitter: @stemeakabrunson

    So yeah, if you come for Ice, just don't be like the others and delete your tweet.

    Never fails… Try and talk shit. I reply. Delete the Tweet. Why even talk it?

    Twitter: @FINALLEVEL

    And if you can't handle the heat, just unfollow.

    NOTICE: If you have a problem with ANYTHING I post or say.... SIMPLY unfollow me. Hate me.. And remove me from your life.. Thank you very much... Have a great day.

    Twitter: @FINALLEVEL

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