Ice-T Opened Up About His Three Children Getting Different Versions Of Him And How His Youngest Made Him Want To "Live Forever"

    "I am so much more connected to her than my other kids."

    Studies have shown that no two siblings are raised the same, despite living in the same household, and Ice-T is speaking some truth into that as he opened up about how his kids received different versions of him.

    A closeup of Ice-T on a late-night talk show

    During a recent interview with That Moment with Daymond John podcast, the legendary rapper discussed the differences between raising his older children (LeTesha Marrow, 47, and Tracy Marrow Jr., 31) and his youngest daughter Chanel Nicole Marrow, 7.

    Ice-T, Coco, their daughter, and his two other kids

    "I am so much more connected to her than my other kids," the Law & Order: SVU star said on the podcast.

    Coco, Chanel, and Ice-T at a movie screening

    He admitted to being "distracted" while raising LeTesha and Tracy due to his evolving music career at the time. Nowadays, Ice-T feels like his work-life balance is much more "comfortable."

    Ice-T, Coco, and Chanel at Ice-T's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony

    "I'm in a cruise pattern. I was there when Coco was pregnant, I went to the hospital, and Chanel still sleeps in the bed with us."

    He added that raising Chanel made him want to "live forever." "It made me create new goals. It's the best gift I could ever get."

    But this isn't the first time Ice-T got real about his parenting experience. He shared similar sentiments during an interview with The Big Tigger Show in March.

    Closeup of Ice-T onstage

    "Muhammad Ali said it best, 'When a man has a child in the second half of his life, after 50, it resets his life.' It started my life over — I got back healthy, back in the gym, looking good, sharp, I'm strong."

    Closeup of Ice-T

    "I've got to live. I can't go anywhere. I've got to keep chasing these bags."

    Coco, Chanel, and Ice-T

    To read more about Ice-T's parenting journey, check out the full podcast interview.