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100 TV Moments From 2019 That We're Still Not Over

"I will not not be rich!"

🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead🚨

1. First, on Fleabag, when Fleabag and the Hot Priest parted ways at the bus stop.

2. When every single woman on Grey's Anatomy lined the hall to usher Abby, a sexual assault survivor, into surgery.

3. On Grey's Anatomy, when Bailey fired Meredith, Richard, and Alex from Grey Sloan after they committed insurance fraud in order to help a young patient.

4. And on Grey's Anatomy, when Alex read a heartfelt letter from Cristina during Meredith's hearing to determine if she got to keep her medical license.

5. On Russian Doll, when Nadia literally couldn't make it down the stairs without dying.

6. On the Veep series finale, when Selina set up Gary to take the fall with the FBI so that she could secure the presidential nomination.

7. On The Good Place, when Eleanor and Chidi relived all of their moments together before Chidi lost his memories.

8. Also on The Good Place, when Chidi finally got his memories back and remembered that Eleanor is THE answer he's been searching for.

9. On Supernatural, when Dean and Sam summoned their dad, John Winchester, from 2003 and eventually had to bid an emotional goodbye to him once again.

10. On Game of Thrones, when Arya finally vanquished the Night King.

11. When Jon Snow stabbed Daenerys after her rampage on King's Landing on Game of Thrones.

12. And on Game of Thrones, when Bran became the King of Westeros and sat on the throne.

13. When Cyrus came out to his friend Jonah on Andi Mack, marking the first time the phrase "I'm gay" was said on Disney Channel.

14. When Amy opened up about an issue with her old captain on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

15. Also on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Wuntch became commissioner and promptly demoted Captain Holt to a crossing guard.

16. On Dead to Me, when Jen learned that Judy was responsible for her husband's death.

17. On Stranger Things, when Hopper seemingly died after the machine keeping the Gate open exploded.

18. Also on Stranger Things, when Robin came out to Steve after he said that he liked her.

19. On When They See Us, when the boys were read their guilty verdicts in court.

20. On Euphoria, when Rue's relapse was portrayed as an epic song and dance.

21. On The Big Bang Theory series finale, when Amy and Sheldon won a Nobel Prize in physics.

22. On One Day At A Time, when Schneider broke his sobriety and was worried that Penelope would never trust him again.

23. Also on One Day At A Time, when the family had an open and honest conversation about consensual sex after Alex posted some inappropriate photos on Instagram.

24. When Barry was attacked and had to fight Lily on Barry.

25. On Killing Eve, when Eve and Villanelle went head-to-head and it ended with Villanelle seemingly shooting Eve.

26. On Succession, when Kendall offered up Logan as the "blood sacrifice" at a press conference.

27. On Pose, when Candy was tragically murdered in a hotel.

28. When ICE arrived at Cloud 9 and heartbreakingly arrested Mateo on Superstore.

29. When Patrick adorably took David on a hike and proposed to him on Schitt's Creek.

30. Also on Schitt's Creek, when Alexis performed "A Little Bit Alexis" during her audition for Cabaret.

31. On Sex Education, when Eric was beat up after Otis forgot about meeting him for Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

32. On Watchmen, when Angela relived her grandfather's memories after she took a lethal dose of Nostalgia.

33. Also on Watchmen, when it was revealed that Cal, Angela's husband, was actually Doctor Manhattan in disguise.

34. On Chernobyl, when Valery gave his testimony at the IAEA in Vienna about the damage that Chernobyl caused.

35. On Jane the Virgin, when we finally learned that Michael was never really dead and Sin Rostro orchestrated him losing his memory and leaving.

36. Also, on Jane the Virgin, when the Narrator revealed that he was actually a grown-up Mateo and he's been telling his mom's story the entire time.

37. And on Jane the Virgin, when Jane revealed to Rafael that she wanted to turn her novel into a telenovela.

38. On Big Little Lies, when Renata delivered this iconic line after facing the possibility of being broke.

39. When Quentin shockingly sacrificed himself in order to save his friends and officially vanquish The Monster on The Magicians.

40. On The Boys, when Homelander and Butcher found out that Becca was actually alive and raising her and Homelander's son.

41. In On My Block, when Ruby dealt with surviving getting shot and talked about how it changed his outlook on life.

42. On The Mandalorian, when Mando found Baby Yoda after being hired by The Client.

43. Also on The Mandalorian, when Baby Yoda sipped soup while Mando and Cara Dune fought.

44. On Lucifer, when Chloe and Lucifer finally got together right before Lucifer was sent back to hell.

45. On Veronica Mars, when Logan died in an explosion right after he finally married Veronica.

46. When Rebecca realized that she didn't need a perfect romantic love story to make her happy on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

47. When Crowley returned to Aziraphale's bookshop and thought Aziraphale was dead on Good Omens.

48. On Riverdale, when Fred was helping a woman on the side of the road and was tragically hit by an oncoming car.

49. Also on Riverdale, when Shannen Doherty guest starred as the woman that Fred ultimately saved.

50. And on Riverdale, when Betty, Archie, and Veronica were seen holding Jughead's bloody beanie in a flash forward on Riverdale.

51. On Arrow, when Oliver and Felicity said goodbye to each other after The Monitor returned and took Oliver with him.

52. When Mia, William, and J.J. were transported to present day by The Monitor on Arrow.

53. Also, during "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One," when Oliver heartbreakingly died after sacrificing himself to save billions of innocent people.

54. When Annie attended the Fat Babe Pool Party on Shrill.

55. On The End of the F***ng World, when it looked like Bonnie had killed James and Alyssa, but it was actually all in her head.

56. On Supergirl, when Lex revealed to Lena that Kara is Supergirl.

57. Also on Supergirl, when Lena finally confronted Kara about her lying.

58. On the Shadowhunters series finale, when Clary was banished and lost her memories of the shadow world after killing Jonathan.

59. Also on Shadowhunters, when Magnus and Alec officially got married.

60. On Orange Is the New Black, when Taystee contemplated attempting suicide while serving her life sentence.

61. Also on Orange Is the New Black, when Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett died of a drug overdose after she thought she failed the GED — she actually passed.

62. On Legacies, when Hope sacrificed herself to stop Malivore and erased herself from existence.

63. Also on Legacies, when Hope and Freya reunited after everyone got their memories of Hope back.

64. On Fosse/Verdon, when Gwen stood up to Bob while workshopping Chicago.

65. On The Act, when Gypsy Rose and Nick went through with killing Dee Dee.

66. On Younger, when Diana finally learned the truth about Liza's age.

67. When Beth shot and (seemingly) killed Rio after he took Agent Turner hostage on Good Girls.

68. On The Handmaid's Tale, when Fred was arrested after he crossed over into Canada in an attempt to get Nichole — even better was that Serena Joy set him up.

69. Also on The Handmaid's Tale, when June helped over 50 children escape Gilead and Rita was able to tell Luke about it.

70. When Janine "Smurf" Cody was shockingly killed by her grandson on Animal Kingdom.

71. When Grace and Karen found evidence that linked Marie's rape to the case they were working years later on Unbelievable.

72. On This Is Us, when we learned that the mysterious blind musician was actually a future version of Kate and Toby's son, Jack.

73. Also on This Is Us, when it was revealed that in just a year, Rebecca's memory has worsened, Kevin has a pregnant fiancé, and Kevin isn't speaking to Randall.

74. On NCIS, when Ziva shockingly returned and told Gibbs that she had been deep undercover because a woman named Sahar wanted her dead.

75. When Ann returned to Halifax and told Anne that she would marry her on Gentleman Jack.

76. When Haley gave birth to twins on Modern Family.

77. On the Suits series finale, when Harvey and Donna spontaneously decided to get married.

78. When Angela was shot and tragically killed by the Dark Army on Mr. Robot.

79. Also on Mr. Robot, when Elliot, Darlene, and Mr. Robot finally completed the Deus Group hack and wiped out their bank accounts.

80. When Enid, Tara, Henry and numerous others were killed by Alpha and The Whisperers on The Walking Dead.

81. On Elite, when Polo shockingly returned to school after he was arrested.

82. On Looking For Alaska, when Miles uttered this iconic line from John Green's original novel.

83. On Money Heist/La Case de Papel, when Nairobi was shot during the latest heist.

84. On The Morning Show, when Alex delivered this incredible speech after the Morning Show executives didn't think she could lead the show without Mitch.

85. On Atypical, when Izzie confessed her feelings for Casey and they finally kissed.

86. On GLOW, when Bash came out to Debbie before the Christmas show.

87. On How to Get Away With Murder, when Wes (yes, THAT Wes) emerged from the crowd to speak at Annalise's funeral.

88. Also on How to Get Away With Murder, when Asher was killed in the future, and Connor and Michaela were arrested for his murder.

89. On The Crown, when Queen Elizabeth II visited Aberfan, Wales, after the tragic Aberfan disaster in 1966.

90. On the iZombie series finale, when Liv and Major reunited, and Ravi, Peyton, and Clive kept the fact that Liv and Major survived a secret from the world.

91. On A Million Little Things, when Rome emotionally helped PJ through a tough time when PJ considered killing himself.

92. When Fiona decided to leave Chicago and start a new life on Shameless.

93. On The Flash, when Barry was infected by Ramsey's cells and finally told the Speed Force — taking the form of his mom — how he really felt about becoming The Flash.

94. Also on The Flash, during "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three," Mia, Diggle, and Constantine visited Lucifer from Lucifer in order to get into purgatory and bring back Oliver's soul.

95. When Davia found Dennis alive and checked into a hospital after he left a worrisome message for his ex-wife on Good Trouble.

96. On Prodigal Son, when Malcolm was kidnapped by the Junkyard Killer after learning his true identity.

97. On Letterkenny, when Wayne shockingly caught Marie-Fred cheating.

98. When Rosa was brought back to life by Max, however Max seemingly died in the process on Roswell, New Mexico.

99. When Midge was heartbreakingl kicked off the rest of Shy Baldwin's tour after her set at the Apollo on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

100. And finally, on Batwoman, during "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two," Clark and Lois from Smallville appeared, and we learned that Clark gave up his powers in order to live a normal life with Lois and their daughters.

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