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    "Jane The Virgin" Just Revealed How Michael Returned And It's A Lot To Process

    "Just give me a moment" —Jane the Virgin narrator and me.

    Hello, friends! Last night, Jane the Virgin's final season premiered and I'm already emotional about saying goodbye to this beloved series.

    Of course now, almost a year after the Season 4 cliffhanger, we FINALLY have some answers as to how Michael was standing in Rafael's apartment.

    The episode picked up right where we left off, with Jane completely overwhelmed by seeing her dead husband again.

    It turns out that our favorite villain Rose faked Michael's death by slowing his heart rate, bribing the coroner, and dropped him in the middle of a field in Montana with amnesia.

    So now, Michael goes by Jason (after Jason Bourne), has a dog named Bo, and literally has NO memory of Jane, Rafael, and even his best bro Rogelio.

    Also, Michael/Jason seems to be into Petra, which is honestly one of the funniest things about his return.

    After word spread that Michael/Jason is alive, the rest of the episode dealt with the ramifications for everyone.

    Rogelio was upset that while his BFF is alive, Michael/Jason's lack of memory means their bromance is on hold.

    Rafael was completely supportive of Jane wanting to spend time with Michael/Jason, but he finally confided in Xo that he was scared for the future now.

    But of course, it was Jane who had the most to figure out, which resulted in a BRILLIANT, single take, nearly 10-minute monologue from Gina Rodriguez!

    She talked out EVERYTHING. First, she discussed the fact that she just got used to calling herself a widow.

    Then, she talked about what the heck Michael/Jason's return meant for her relationship with Rafael.

    And finally, she hilariously tried to figure out how she would introduce Mateo to Michael who isn't actually Michael anymore.

    I literally can't even do this scene justice by screencapping it, so I encourage you to watch the entire thing below because it's just that good!

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    In the end, Jane decided that while Michael/Jason is back, that doesn't mean her relationship with Rafael is over.

    And she will continue to help Michael/Jason try to regain his memories.

    So, there you have it! Michael is alive, but thinks he's Jason, and Jane is going to try and make things work with Rafael. Honestly, I'm excited for a new twist on this classic love triangle for the final season!