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    14 Emotional Reactions To The Surprise Twist In The "This Is Us" Season 4 Premiere

    We need tissues. 🤧

    🚨 Warning: Major spoilers ahead! 🚨

    Welp. The fourth season of This Is Us premiered last night and, as expected, there were lots of tears shed.

    For starters, we were introduced to several new characters with heartbreaking storylines. One of them being Malik, played by the über-talented Asante Blackk, who was recently nominated for an Emmy.

    Turns out, Malik's a teen dad who's trying to make ends meet for his family. He's also the love interest of Randall and Beth's adopted daughter, Deja, this season.

    Then, there's Jennifer Morrison's character, Cassidy, who's a former marine dealing with PTSD.

    But the biggest surprise of them all was the introduction of the very handsome blind artist, played by newcomer Blake Stadnik.

    By the end of the episode, we learn he is the future version of Kate and Toby's son, Jack.

    Baby Jack grew up to become a singer and married a woman he met at a diner, who has dreams of opening up her own restaurant. They eventually become pregnant with a child of their own.

    Naturally, viewers were in their feelings about the big twist:

    Me as soon as I realized the blind guy on this is us was Baby Jack

    Me: Who are all these random people This is us: PLOT TWIST #ThisIsUs Me:

    when i tell you i sobbed when i realised baby jack is the blind guy

    So baby Jack who is blind ends up being a singer like his grandma and mom. I cannot control my emotions😭😭😭😭 #ThisIsUs

    OMG!!! The blind guy is baby Jack!!! @NBCThisisUs #ThisIsUs

    Many appreciated the show for casting a blind actor for such a major role:

    @DianaGeraghty @xhollie_sealeyx @SterlingKBrown The actor that plays #ThisIsUs Jack (in the future) Damon is legally blind in real life. Much respect to the show for going the extra mile to tell the story of the future Jack.

    I didn’t think that one of the best tv shows ever ,This Is Us, could get any better.... but it did tonight!! A legally blind character!! AND......wait for it..... played by a legally blind actor!!! Way to go This Is Us!!!#ThisIsUs

    Kudos to @NBCThisisUs for casting Blake Stadnik, a blind actor playing a blind character. #RepresentationMatters

    Overall, Baby Jack's storyline was well received, and hit home for some fans:

    @NBCThisisUs I am in awe of your ability to tell these beautiful stories. Last nights episode was flawless and the twist at the end has me in tears because almost 12 years ago, I was Kate and my daughter Emily was little Jack. My daughter was born blind 💗 #hereyewherehopelies

    I’m a NICU daughter wasn’t born blind like baby Jack...but she is autistic. I feel Kate in the next trailer her child will not have limitations because that’s my daily fight for her! Thanks again @NBCThisisUs @ChrissyMetz #ThisIsUs #babyjack

    It's safe to say we're all rooting for the new additions to the show now:

    me at the beginning of the ep: who the hell are these people me at the end: oh they are my FAMILY and i would DIE for them ok #ThisIsUs

    me at the beginning with all the newbies vs me at the end when it’s all starting to make sense #ThisIsUs

    OMG!! OMG! OMG!! What a twist!! OMG!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I am really going to love this season so much!! Baby Jack!! @NBCThisisUs @ThisIsUsWriters #ThisIsUs

    Kudos, This Is Us, on an amazing episode. You've outdone yourself once again! 🙌🏾

    What did you think of the premiere? Tell us in the comments!