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    29 "Stranger Things" Moments That Prove Robin Is The Best Part Of Season 3

    "I feel like my whole life has been one big error."

    1. When Robin's first line in the series included calling Steve a dingus:

    2. When she kept track of Steve's failed attempts at getting a date:

    3. When she would rather be anywhere than serving ice cream at Scoops Ahoy:

    4. When Robin questioned how many children Steve was actually friends with:

    5. When she told Steve and Dustin that she knew about the secret Russian message:

    6. When she proved to be the smartest Scoops Ahoy employee:

    7. When Robin single-handedly translated part of a super secret Russian spy code in a single work shift:

    8. And then, when she cracked the code and learned that the Russians were at the Starcourt Mall:

    9. When Robin gave Steve and Dustin three rules while she was away from Scoops Ahoy:

    10. When she brilliantly thought of getting the blueprints to the mall and using the air ducts to find the Russians secret room:

    11. When she gave this perfect response to Steve after he pointed out their obvious predicament:

    12. When Robin used the Russian from the secret code to try and talk to a spy:

    13. When she stayed behind with Steve and helped Dustin and Erica escape:

    14. When Robin was worried about Steve while they were held captive:

    15. When she bravely spit in a Russians face because she doesn't take shit from anyone:

    16. When Robin had this little exchange with Steve that perfectly sums up their friendship:

    17. When Robin told Steve that she sat behind him in class for an entire year, but he didn't notice her:

    18. And then, when she admitted that she was obsessed with Steve in high school:

    19. When Robin explained how she feels about her life:

    20. When Robin started laughing uncontrollably after being drugged by the Russians:

    21. When she couldn't help but brag about how smart she is:

    22. When she told Dustin not to worry about dying because it'll happen eventually:

    23. When she had this adorable reaction after Dustin said they could get food:

    24. When Robin hilariously explained Back to the Future to Steve while they were both drugged:

    25. When she sat like this on the bathroom floor while trying to figure out if she was still high:

    26. When Robin came out to Steve after he said that he liked her:

    27. When Robin met Eleven for the first time and realized she had superpowers:

    28. When she helped Steve land a job at the video store by telling Keith women will follow him everywhere:

    29. And finally, when Robin called Steve her friend:

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