12 Heartbreaking Reactions To That Foreshadowing About Rebecca's Health On "This Is Us"

    "This is REALLY going to hurt."

    🚨 Obviously, major spoilers ahead! 🚨

    It's safe to say last night's episode of This Is Us was a doozy.

    Between Kate and Toby's on-going relationship woes, Deja's revelation that she wanted to invite her birth mother over for Thanksgiving, and Kevin's bloody bar fight, there was a lot to process in just 40 minutes.

    But what was most concerning for viewers was the not-so-subtle hints to Rebecca's health, and what appears to be an onset of memory loss.

    By the end of the episode, the Pearsons matriarch ended up in a heated argument with Randall over her erratic behavior.

    While we'll have to wait until next week's episode to get answers — according to the trailer — that didn't help fans who are already worried about Rebecca's fate on the show:

    If this show is going to be on for 6 seasons, are we going to end up seeing Rebecca's health deteriorate? This is REALLY going to hurt. #ThisIsUs

    Rebecca is losing her memory😭This is going to be a heartbreaking storyline. #ThisIsUs

    Rebecca is losing her memory. I don’t want to go down this road. 💔 #ThisIsUs

    Rebecca losing her memories is going to be absolutely tragic. #ThisIsUs

    Many fans believe Rebecca is facing dementia or Alzheimer's disease:

    Rebecca is at the really scary knowing it's happening stage of Dementia. #thisisus

    Damn it this is so sad. Recognizing that Rebecca is at the beginning of her Alzheimer’s is bringing back to many sad memories 😢 . #ThisIsUs

    Other fans are ready to riot if their predictions come true:

    If Rebecca has dementia or Alzheimer’s, WE WILL RIOT #ThisIsUs

    Y’all bet not make Rebecca have dementia or Alzheimer’s and forget everyone! I will burn this place down! #ThisIsUs

    Mostly, though, fans were just noticing the signs that something is up:

    Rebecca starting to show signs of memory loss, taking pictures of everything around her so she doesn’t forget things. #ThisisUs

    Theory: I think that Rebecca taking all those pics and when she was taking all those notes while baby Jack was in the hosp. was her trying to preserve memories. She knows that she has dementia... #ThisIsUs

    #ThisIsUs is getting ready to tackle dementia/memory loss/alzheimers and I'm going to be no more good. ☹😭 The confused/lost look on Rebecca's face is so familiar #ENDALZ

    Then there was this fan, who offered a tiny glimmer of hope to the rest of us who was still soaking in our tears after the episode:

    Another thing fans, dementia/memory loss can be caused by other things....it does look like the big dreaded A, but Rebecca could be experiencing another medical issue that could be reversible....then again it does look like what we all fear. #thisisus

    So what are you thoughts on this week's episode of This Is Us? Are you also worried about Rebecca? Tell us in the comments!