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    "Schitt's Creek" Just Gave Us One Of Its Most Emotional Moments Ever And I Have To Talk About It

    "For an amazingly awesome comedy, I do an awful lot of crying over it."

    🚨 Warning: MAJOR spoilers from Season 5, Episode 13 of Schitt's Creek. 🚨

    So, one of the best comedy series on TV right now is Schitt's Creek.

    One of the many strengths the show has is its ability to combine humor with more emotional moments for the characters.

    And the latest episode, titled "The Hike," is honestly the perfect example of it!

    Patrick decides to take David on a hike, which is honestly the funniest visual ever, because David Rose does not like the outdoors.

    While hiking up the mountain, Patrick ends up getting injured and wants to turn around, thinking the day is completely ruined.

    Eventually, David ends up carrying Patrick the rest of the way, which is honestly the sweetest thing ever.

    Once they arrive at the top, David begins unpacking their picnic, and this is when the most emotional moment happens.

    Patrick ends up getting down on one knee and PROPOSING TO DAVID.

    Patrick tells David that he used to come to this exact spot after they first met.

    And he thought that this would be the perfect location to ask David to marry him, because it's where he realized that David was more than just a business partner.

    Also, the engagement ring Patrick gave David was actually four gold rings that match the four silver rings that he always wears β€” like, this is true love and I'm sobbing.

    I honestly never thought anything could top Patrick singing "Simply the Best," but Schitt's Creek proved me wrong.

    And I'm not the only one who's emotional over this episode:

    Tears of Joy are honestly the weirdest thing 😭 Like I know the show is fictional but the joy in my heart literally makes it feel like I know David and Patrick personally and I just wanna share in their happiness πŸ’β™₯️😭 πŸ₯‚#SchittsCreek

    Twitter: @Mpumieloves / Via Twitter: @Mpumieloves

    #SchittsCreek and @danjlevy are prying open my cedar-chest-tool-box heart a little more with each episode.

    Twitter: @BrennaNormann / Via Twitter: @BrennaNormann

    We need to take a moment to acknowledge the PERFECTION that is David getting 4 gold rings to complement his signature look, followed by Twyla talking about a golden ring of light surrounding the whole family. Wow. The detail in the writing is flawless πŸ’― #SchittsCreek @danjlevy

    Twitter: @Andrea21419 / Via Twitter: @Andrea21419

    YOU KNOW, FOR AN AMAZINGLY AWESOME COMEDY, I DO AN AWFUL LOT OF FUCKING CRYING OVER IT!! @SchittsCreek And yes I'm watching this week's episode again... what's your point??!

    Twitter: @Canuckgirl74 / Via Twitter: @Canuckgirl74

    Watching Patrick and David together gives me some hope that maybe my Patrick is out there, somewhere. Bc I'm definitely the "David" of any relationship. @SchittsCreek Thank you @danjlevy πŸ’™

    Twitter: @erinhanlon / Via Twitter: @erinhanlon

    And if you want a behind-the-scenes look at the episode, you can watch Dan Levy and Noah Reid talk about how it came together here:

    View this video on YouTube

    YouTube / CBC / Pop / Via

    So, there you have it! David and Patrick are officially engaged and I'm sure next week's Season 5 finale will feature the entire Rose family hearing the exciting news!