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    18 Times David Rose From "Schitt's Creek" Was Simply The Best

    "The internet is a breeding ground for freaks!"

    1. When he was the roommate that we've all had, but never wanted:

    2. When he summed up social media:


    "The internet is a breeding ground for freaks!"

    3. When he described trying to make it in NYC, or really any city for that matter:

    4. When he was done with online dating:


    5. When he said what we were all thinking during those gruesome job interviews:

    6. When he took a break from social interactions:

    7. And, then when he didn't:

    8. When he attempted to cook:

    9. When he knew exactly what it was like to move into your first apartment:

    10. When his coping mechanism hit way too close to home, tbh:

    11. When he was one with nature:

    12. When he gave love advice:

    13. When he explained his feelings towards children:

    14. When he perfectly captured waking up every morning and going to bed every night:

    15. When he had dream Friday night plans:

    16. When he expertly described not being an expert at feelings:


    17. When he described his sexuality with this brilliant, beyond brilliant wine analogy:

    18. And, finally, when he had the perfect response for literally everything: