Netflix's "Dead To Me" Is The Best New Show Of 2019, And Here's Why You Need To Watch

    Grace and Frankie + Big Little Lies = Dead to Me

    1. First, Dead to Me is a "traumedy" that follows the lives of Jen and Judy, two BFFs who are both dealing with grief and loss in their own ways.

    2. Looking behind the scenes, the series was created by Liz Feldman, who wrote for 2 Broke Girls, and features four female directors and six female writers, which is HUGE.

    3. Also, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are executive producers on the series — there's even a subtle nod to Anchorman, which Will, Adam, and Christina Applegate worked on.

    4. In terms of cast, Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini star in the show and are simply amazing — they are the acting duo I never knew I needed until right now.

    5. I mean, Samantha Who? and Freaks and Geeks were two INCREDIBLE short-lived TV shows, so this time I'm not letting you miss out on the magic Christina and Linda bring to the screen.

    6. Dead to Me marks Christina's first leading role on a TV series in seven years and that's an absolute crime — in fact, Liz Feldman had to convince her to come out of "semi-retirement."

    7. With Jen and Judy at the center, the show also adds itself to the sadly short list of TV shows that focus on middle-aged women.

    8. Similar to Grace and Frankie, Judy and Jen's complicated friendship takes center stage and it's brilliant.

    9. What makes Dead to Me feel so honest is that the story is rooted in Liz Feldman's own experiences — a sudden death of a cousin, her fertility journey, and turning 40 all inspired the show.

    10. While both Jen and Judy are dealing with grief, they handle it very differently, which is refreshing to see.

    11. I mean, I think this side-by-side explains it pretty well.

    12. There's also a lot of discussion about how men label emotional women as "crazy" and "nuts."

    13. Dead to Me goes to some pretty dark places, but the humor on the show is equally as compelling.

    14. And if you're wondering how a series can switch from talking about dead husbands to cracking a joke, just take a look at this scene.

    15. The supporting cast adds another incredible layer to the series — James Marsden, Max Jenkins, Brandon Scott, Ed Asner, and Valerie Mahaffey, just to name a few.

    16. The pilot alone is one of the best first episodes of TV I've watched in a really long time — there are several big reveals that will make you want to watch Episode 2 immediately.

    17. Actually, every episode throws so many twists and turns at you, it makes the show the perfect Netflix binge-watch because you won't be able to stop.

    18. And finally, if you still aren't sold on Dead to Me, think of it as the humor of Grace and Frankie plus the mystery from Big Little Lies. You can't honestly turn that down, can you?