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    People Are Calling This Week's Episode Of "Pose" The Year's Most Important TV Episode And Here's Why

    "This is more than entertainment. This is real life." (Contains spoilers)

    What's it called when something that's already the best gets even better? Beyoncé??? Whatever the word is, that's what I'd use to describe Pose after Tuesday night's game-changing episode, "Never Knew Love Like This Before."

    If you haven't watched the episode yet, then twirl away and catch up, because from this point on we're spilling and spoiling, okurr?

    If you'd already seen the episode four preview like I had, then you knew the storyline was gonna be all about Candy Ferocity.

    So, when Blanca revealed early on in the episode that Candy had been found brutally murdered in a dingy hotel, I couldn't believe it. I refused. Not Miss Caaaandy. But then, the funeral began and reality set in.

    It wasn't until Candy's ghost appeared to spark critical conversations about identity, trauma, self-love, and acceptance that I realized the larger purpose of this haunting episode.

    To be clear, Pose will never be the same after Candy/Angelica Ross' departure. The absence of her fierce, resilient, and loving spirit will be felt by characters and fans alike.

    But between Ryan Murphy and Janet Mock's painstakingly deft storytelling and Angelica's breathtaking, yet undoubtedly triggering portrayal of the inimitable Candy Ferocity, "Never Knew Love Like This Before" will foster allies, mend families, and ultimately save lives.

    Pose cast members and fans took to social media to mourn the loss of Candy, praise and thank Angelica, and reflect on the timely issues addressed throughout the episode, particularly the astronomical rate at which black and brown trans women are murdered today.

    It is with a heavy heart that we tell this very real story. People ask, "Why Candy?" Well it's because it's happening to so many trans women of color like her, and these women are the center of our show. I hope your mourning pushes you to show up for other Candy girls. #PoseFX

    This was not easy for us to do, but we had to address the ongoing issue of violence against trans women, especially trans women of color. #PoseFX

    #PoseFX always hits the mark when it comes to bring about beautiful, raw emotion. This is more than just a show, this is a wondrous piece of art that showcases the hardships of the LGBTQIA+ community, with a rightful spotlight on our trans brothers and sisters. They are heroes.

    Tonight’s episode of Pose was art imitating life. This is more than entertainment. This is real life. We have to show up for our trans sisters. Respect them love them protect them. Anything else is unacceptable. #PoseFX continues to be revolutionary storytelling! I’m cried out..

    Chyna Gibson was the Candy Girl in my life. Murdered February 25, 2017 in New Orleans. 2 months before my wedding that she was scheduled to be in and 3 months before her reassignment surgery. She was so close. I miss her everyday. #POSEFX

    Indya, who plays Angel, wrote a moving Twitter thread that clearly demonstrated the direct parallels between the episode and the ongoing disparities and fatal violence facing their community, their fellow celebrity castmates included.

    The spiritual, emotional & psychological LABOR Angelica held for this scene, I hope is noticed. This scene was so close to home for all of us, the monthly string of trans murders already had me emotionally distraught and broke into my work.

    "Please stop killing us," echoed Hailie Sahar, who plays Candy's sister and best friend Lulu. "I pray that this episode has allowed you to see the human in us."

    So, how does Angelica feel about the episode and her layered departure from the series? "It was sort of a bittersweet thing to see Candy get this beautiful sendoff and this beautiful spotlight," she told EW. "But I wish that we had more time with Candy, but we don't."

    Thankfully, we received consolation in the form of a casting announcement. According to Ryan Murphy and Angelica, she's landed a major gig on Murphy's upcoming show American Horror Story 1984, making her the first-ever trans actress to land two series regular roles.

    I am ELATED to make history as the first trans actor to secure 2 series regular roles, leaping from #PoseFX to #AHS1984. Thank you @MrRPMurphy for the gift of playing Candy & creating my newest role on American Horror Story! I’m so honored & excited to join the @AHSFX family!!!