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Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey

The island's governor had promised to restore power to 95% of residents by December, but officials now say the island won't be fully up and running until much later.

A staff log obtained by BuzzFeed News gives a tense account of what happened in the days after Hurricane Harvey drowned the Arkema chemical plant outside of Houston.

“I just want this year to be over with."

Two others were reportedly hospitalized. The state health department said that there have not been widespread reports of skin infections.

Through hurricanes Harvey and Irma, despite risks, workers prepared food, manned cash registers, and cleaned hotels for the country’s lowest legal pay.

The suit claims that Arkema did not warn first responders that fumes from the explosions could be toxic.

"We were so happy it wasn’t raining anymore. But the water got higher and higher.”

From ultrasound photos to custom convertibles, some things just can't be replaced.

“The whole point of a drag show is to make people forget about what’s going on outside."

“I see on television that animals are getting treated better than these guys."

"We’re pretty much on our own," said one undocumented Houston resident who came to the US as a child.

Rita Guillén had been blocked from entering the US when her son went missing last week. On Tuesday, she was reunited with her grieving family.

“I think a lot of the Houston community just started relying on each other.”

In 2012, NBC raised $23 million with a telethon for Superstorm Sandy relief.

Alonso Guillén and Tomas Carreon, both born in Mexico and brought to the US as children, were killed while attempting to rescue residents caught in the storm.

"We're not at the hospital. We're not at the funeral home. We are blessed for that."

"This was my some kind of dream, you know. I brought my family here."

“If I don't get to work, I don't get money."

"They're not going to get cancer tomorrow — they may get asthma in three months," one researcher said.

LaTanya Stewart never returned to her New Orleans home after it was destroyed by Katrina. While much of Houston was in the midst of recovery Saturday, she went back to her new home for the first time to find the damage Harvey had wrought.

"You might have gone through the storm but you don't have to look like you went through the storm," a volunteer stylist said.

"When you think about it, it just hurts because this is so typical for our end of town."

Scores of volunteers from Louisiana are working around the clock this week saving people, their pets, and whatever possessions they can — even as their own homes faced Harvey's wrath. "There’s not always gonna be somebody for you to rescue. But you never know unless you try."

“I think it’s great. It’s a chance to see how much everybody here in Louisiana supports him,” a Lake Charles native said.

“The last days, I was fighting all the time to save my kids’ lives.”

Emergency response teams from across the US have converged on flood-ravaged Houston to rescue residents still stranded after days of historic rainfall.

“It was like getting an extra kick to the face when you’re already down.”

"It looks like a war zone."

Rising floodwaters don’t discriminate between rich and poor. But when it comes to recovering from disaster, wealth makes a huge difference.

Meteorologists say it's not yet known if Hurricane Irma will impact the US.

Moody’s Analytics increased its estimate of damages from Harvey "to reflect the storm’s wider path" after its second landfall.

The powerful video has inspired many, including singer Vanessa Carlton, to see the "beauty in the suffering."

Black Lives Matter Houston is actively providing relief, but a story claiming the opposite has been shared to millions of people.

"This, it just breaks my heart. The devastation that happening here is just unfathomable."

The photos show entire swaths of land completely under muddy water in the aftermath of Harvey's deadly destruction.

While firefighters went door to door in search of those still in need of rescue, evacuees returned home to pick up the pieces in the wake of Harvey’s wrath.

Years before Hurricane Katrina, I reported on the New Orleans' growing vulnerability. But Harvey shows that New Orleans was the canary in the coal mine for coastal cities.

Tropical storm Harvey has begun heading east, but healthcare workers across the city are preparing for a medical fallout that could last months.

In Beaumont alone, the running water supply was compromised, forcing the evacuations of shelters and a hospital.

The explosions and ensuing fire at the Arkema chemical plant early Thursday are just the latest in a wave of damage, disruptions, and pollution at industrial facilities along the Texas coast after Harvey.

"I support the innkeeper's decision to turn away Mary and Joseph. It's an inn, not Labor and Delivery!"

"The most difficult times bring out the best in humanity."

People in Houston desperate for rescue turned to social media when official lines were clogged. Here's where seemingly most of the city's posts were coming from.

After Harvey slammed into Houston late last week, a group of veterans from across Texas descended on the region to save lives. By Wednesday, their ranks had swollen to more than 200.

Complete strangers used what they had to make dozens of rescues in Orange and other small communities along the Texas–Louisiana border Wednesday as they waited for officials to arrive.

"Because Texas is home to more than 8,700 of our coworkers, the storm’s impact is felt by all of us," Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote in an email to employees.

But thanks to heroic rescuers, many of the pups are OK.

Shelter capacity in Houston, once in critically tight supply, was at the point Wednesday that officials said residents would not need to be shipped to other cities.

Officers told BuzzFeed News that many had not gone through flood training, had no access to boats, and were unable to respond to an untold number of emergency calls due to not enough high-water vehicles.

Normal people became everyday heroes.

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