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Here's What My Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Actually Taught Me

Like that when you have sex with someone, you're having sex with everyone they've ever had sex with.

This Is What Sex Is Like After Sexual Assault

"He did not take my body and my consent away from me. I still have that. I am still alive."

21 Bad Penis Habits You Should Ditch ASAP

Are you protecting your penis?

22 Things Your Vagina Wants You To Know About Masturbation

Have you appreciated your clitoris lately?

We Asked People To Tell Us Their STI Status. Here Are Their Stories

"The hardest part of having herpes is getting past the social stigma."

What Are The Sex Bases Actually?

Let's see if you know the difference between "reaching third base" and "hitting a home run."

23 Times Parents Taught Their Kids About Sex And Were So Extra

"Let me just say I will NEVER be able to look at two plums placed next to each other the same way again."

77 Mind-Blowing Sex Ed Stories From Around The World

You told us about your sex-ed classes — the good, the bad and the nonexistent.

15 Foreplay Tips That Are Actually Really Hot

It's getting hot in here, y'all.

Here's How People Actually Orgasm

BuzzFeed asked people to share what it took to finally make them orgasm. Here are their open and honest answers.

23 Things You Should Know About Pubic Hair

Ever wonder why you have hair on your genitals?

41 Things You Should Know About Abortions And The Doctors Who Perform Them

"I'm in a constant battle to help women and it can get exhausting sometimes, but the good days outweigh the bad ones."

23 Things LGBT People Wish They'd Actually Learned In Sex Ed

We're here, we're queer, and FFS we really want inclusive sex ed.

20 Same-Sex Hookup Stories From Straight Guys

Real talk from straight and straight-ish guys.

If You Ever Plan To Have Sex, Use This Guide To Get Tested For Free

Because knowing your status should be as easy as, well, peeing in a cup.

16 Bad Vagina Habits You Should Ditch ASAP

Are you taking good care of your vagina?

Here's How To Pick The Best Birth Control Method For You

Read this before you go to your doctor.

Here's How You Can Get Pregnant Without Having Sex

Hint: Sperm are sneakier than you'd think.

37 Things People Wish They'd Learned In Sex Ed

"That so much is arbitrary, and the only thing that matters is that everyone involved is excited to be doing it."

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