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30 Things Sexperts Want You To Know About Anal Sex

So...basically everything.

We're wiling to bet your sex ed didn't even attempt to discuss anal sex.

1. First of all, anal sex can be enjoyed by anyone. It's definitely not for one specific sexuality or gender identity.

2. Do not let your first time be drunk or unplanned. There must be explicit consent involved.

3. Lube is your best friend. Opt for a thicker one that will last longer.

4. Porn is a pretty horrible place to learn about anal sex.

5. Regardless of your situation, you'll probably want to use a condom.

6. You might want to use a condom on your sex toys or fingers, too.

7. And you may want to use dark sheets or lay down a towel before getting started.

8. Stay away from numbing creams.

9. Start off with some foreplay and warm the receiver up with your hands before any type of penetration happens.

10. The recipient should always be the one in control.

11. Start off with positions that will make anal penetration easier and more comfortable.

12. If you’re receiving, try masturbating during penetration to loosen up and make the experience more pleasurable.

13. Using sex toys can make anal play fun, too. Just make sure they're specifically made to go in your butt.

14. And there's no reason you can't experiment with anal play on your own.

15. Yes, you can actually rip and injure your ass, so go slow and don't force penetration.

16. It IS physically possible for cisgender women to orgasm from anal penetration.

17. And cisgender men can orgasm through stimulation of the prostate.

18. Syncing your breathing with the penetration could really help make things more comfortable.

19. You never want to go from anal sex to vaginal sex without changing condoms and/or washing up thoroughly.

20. Before having anal sex, maybe skip the foods that you know will make you feel like shit (pun intended).

21. And you might feel like you need to poop. In fact, you might actually need to poop.

22. And yeah, there’s a chance you could let out some weird noises while you're at it.

23. On that note, mental preparation is just as important (if not more important) than physical preparation.

24. It’s okay to have a glass of wine before starting, but try not to go overboard.

25. It’s normal to feel awkward talking about anal. Just try to embrace it and make sure you’re communicating honestly with your partner.

26. Take a shower and clean your junk beforehand to make the experience cleaner and safer for both parties.

27. You can also do an enema beforehand if it will make you feel more confident and comfortable.

28. And if you're going to be using your fingers, please make sure they're clipped and filed.

29. Look, if your body isn’t feeling it, don't force it.

30. A little nervousness is completely normal — just make sure you're actually ready and doing it because you want to.

Remember, be patient and relaaaax. Everything takes practice!