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    22 Objects People Have Actually Lost In Their Ass

    So deep up their butt they couldn't take it out. Just like these images and your MIND.

    1. A body spray canister:

    Ahmed: Do you think he was trying to make his farts less stinky.

    Erin: I wish, Ahmed. I wish.

    2. A house key:

    Erin: The key to his heart is really in his butt.

    Ahmed: Listen. As someone who regularly forgets their key at home, this speaks to me.

    3. A beer bottle:

    Ahmed: I just want to know if this was a closed or open bottle and also why.

    Erin: I am ashamed to admit I know what brand beer this is based on the shape of the bottle and now I can never buy it again.

    4. A flashlight:

    Ahmed: Ha ha ha was this guy trying to be a firefly for Halloween or something ha ha ha

    Erin: It's like a reverse Fleshlight.

    5. A peanut butter jar:

    Erin: Ha, peanut BUTTer.


    6. A teeny-tiny toy car:

    Erin: He took "park it in the rear" too literally.

    Ahmed: Vroom vroom.

    7. A billiard ball:

    Ahmed: Looks like the cue ball.

    Erin: Well, now it's the butt ball.

    8. A dumb phone:

    Ahmed: Again. Why.

    Erin: The butt dial to end all butt dials.

    9. A pint glass.

    Ahmed: That's one way to do your dishes, I guess.

    Erin: How many of those did he drink before he was like, "I've got an idea."

    10. A gun

    Erin: In some states it's legal to carry a concealed weapon. They never specify how you have to conceal it.

    Ahmed: This looks fake, but OK.

    11. Spray paint

    Ahmed: So '90s.

    Erin: Whatever color that spray paint was, it's brown now.

    12. A live shell.

    Erin: I also like to live dangerously.

    Ahmed: Nothing about this makes sense to me.

    13. Another bottle, but with a fake hip:


    Erin: That's not how you drink that.

    14. A bottle with a retrieval wire.

    Ahmed: Ah, the best-laid plans of ass and men.

    Erin: Never leave a fallen soldier behind, I guess.

    15. A lightbulb.

    Ahmed: I can't even look at this.

    Erin: "Either this kid has a lightbulb up his butt, or his colon has a great idea." —Dr. Perry Cox, Scrubs

    16. A tiny, but not too tiny knife.

    Ahmed: ...I truly feel nauseous.

    Erin: I bet that...cuts like a knife.

    17. A Coffee Mate creamer lid

    Ahmed: Just the lid, though. Can't taint the creamer.

    Erin: Lol, "taint."

    18. A dildo.

    Erin: Fair enough.

    Ahmed: Aight.

    19. A. Dildo.

    Erin: Honestly, these these are the least concerning.

    Ahmed: So much variety!

    20. A dildo and tongs.


    Erin: Toss that salad, I guess.

    Ahmed: This is fire. Give this dude an award.

    21. A whole shampoo bottle.

    Erin: "Whoops, I slipped a fell in the shower and landed on the shampoo bottle and now it's in my butt."

    Ahmed "How else am I gonna cure my chronic butt dandruff?"

    22. Aaaaaand a Buzz Lightyear action figure.

    Ahmed: To infinity....

    Erin: And butt-ond.