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Abhishek didn't spare anyone in that studio.

Everything you need to take your fitness game to the next level.

Restore my faith in love.

Show that kitty some love.

Deepika and Ranbir broke up, Manmohan Singh was PM, and we suffered a lot of "Emosanal Attyachaar".

"The episode further proves that cricket is not a gentlemen's game. It's dominated by UC, nationalist, sexist men who're smug about their privilege and the crazy fan following they have."

"Hardik doesn't stress about his place in the team because there's no competition for it."

And will continue to do so.

We learned way more about Anil Kapoor tbh.

It was a long year, but here are some internet trends that helped us through it.


This has been the longest year.

SRK fans will tell you that Zero is a fantastical fairy tale and, if you're a fellow SRK fan, you might agree. Everyone else, back away from this film very slowly.

You've got LOTS to binge till the ones from next year roll in.

"Me and my group of friends call ourselves the shadi nahi karni sena."

It was a star-studded night.

What did we ever do to deserve you, Vicky?

What a great year it's been for these stars.

"For the Ambanis, everyone is Alexa."

Mischief managed, and how.

Probably the best episode this season has seen so far.

If you're trying your hand at adulting, you need all of these.

Congrats, PC and Nick!

TL;DR – this couple either has a great sense of humour and is very secure... or Ajay Devgn needs to work on his husband skills.

17 days and a lot of Sabyasachi.

All the glitz and glamour.

My heart.

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