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"Ranveer must have saved a country in his past life to be able to call Deepika his wife now."

The one time I can thank the paparazzi.

"Madam, aapki shaadi kab ho rahi hai?"

He was literally just there to promote "Thugs Of Hindostan" and wasn't hiding it.

"To keep up with Ranveer's energy... Hats off to Deepika."

I'm counting days to the wedding.

Make your life easier.

Welcome to season six, fam. It's already a ride.

Accio gifts.

Love your curls and pamper them with these products.

Things that you didn't need, but also REALLY NEED.

There are many who have voiced their support for Dutta, while others are accusing her of publicity-mongering. And then there are those who've shut their eyes completely.

For all the pens, pencils, and papers you love to hoard.

Why is this still a thing?

The scenes were cut without Kashyap's consent and Taapsee had a lot to say.

You have no excuse now.

"He has been repeatedly doing this, using his power as MLA to make statements that affect the mental well-being of victims... Our first need was to help him shut up."

"Initially, I ignored it. But, I couldn't stand the shit that was written in the ad."

It's exactly what you think it is.

"Jab pyaar kiya toh darna kya?"

With consent and in private, of course.

"Dissent is important for our democracy to function and to hold our Government accountable. I intend to do exactly that. Put me on your list #MeTooUrbanNaxal"

Just a reminder.

With further downpours predicted till at least August 18, lakhs of affected people need your support more than ever.

Khalid escaped unharmed after an unidentified assailant tried to shoot him at a rally to protest against lynchings and crimes against women.

Someone shake some sense into Bollywood, please.

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