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    People Are Calling Out Suhana Khan's Take On Alia Bhatt Repeating Outfits And Promoting Sustainability As Tone Deaf

    Wearing my rattiest t-shirt as I'm writing this....

    Suhana Khan recently spoke about how Alia Bhatt repeated her wedding saree for the 2023 National Awards Ceremony, highlighting the importance of sustainability.

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    She said, "As somebody with a platform who has an influence, I thought that was incredible and a very much-needed message. She did that and she took a stand towards sustainability and advocating for that. If Alia Bhatt can re-wear her wedding saree, then we can also repeat an outfit for a party."

    While her take on sustainability seemed to stem from a good place, especially the fact that there's a lot of pressure on celebrities to not repeat outfits, it felt a little out-of-touch from reality.

    When celebs repeat outfits, it counts as activism and being a role model. When everybody else does the same, it's just a way of life. 

    Repeating an expensive outfit once or twice doesn't make you sustainable. Just saying. 🫣

    And if that really is the case, each one of us should be accoladed for repeating our outfits regularly. 👀

    Sustainability is part and parcel of every normal Indian's life, tbh. Our clothes go from outside wear to pyjamas to pochhaa.

    Suhana went on to talk about how manufacturing new garments generates a lot of waste and its impact on the environment and biodiversity — which is not really wrong. But, of course, the internet had thoughts. Lots of them.

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