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Jay Leno

Judd Apatow: Why I Chose Comedy

"By my 15th birthday, my obsession was full-blown. I needed to become one of them. The question was, how to do that?"


George W. Bush Paints An Amazing Portrait Of Jay Leno

The former president visited "The Tonight Show" and brought along some of his excellent artworks. "There's a Rembrandt trapped in this body," Bush said.

Leno Compares Russia's Anti-LGBT Treatment To Nazi Germany In 1933

"When I was in school, they never told you how did that happen. Well, okay. Hitler becomes dictator, and he rounds up all the jews. 'Yeah, but how did...' This is how it starts," comedian Jay Leno says. Leno and President Obama also talked about Russia's anti-LGBT laws when the president appeared on "The Tonight Show" Tuesday.

Bill O'Reilly Addresses Whitney Houston, Ellen DeGeneres Controversies On "The Tonight Show"

Bill O'Reilly caught flak recently for harsh anti-drug statements he made while commenting on the death of Whitney Houston. Around the same time, O'Reilly received praise for defending Ellen DeGeneres against the anti-gay "One Million Moms" group. On Tuesday's "Tonight Show," Jay Leno asked him about both.

Joan Rivers Bashes Jay Leno, Dane Cook On "Watch What Happens Live"

Joan Rivers had plenty of nice things to say during her appearance Thursday night on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live," which is lovely. But it's also boring! So let's focus on the not-so-nice comments Rivers made about Jay Leno and Dane Cook instead.


Watch Howard Stern And David Letterman Trash Jay Leno

Late-night wars come and go, but grudges last forever. Renowned Jay Leno-hater Howard Stern joined David Letterman on tonight's "Late Show" to congratulate Letterman on his 30 years in late-night TV. And since Letterman hates Leno just as much as Stern does, what better way to celebrate than by spending five minutes talking smack about him!


Jay Leno's Susan Boyle Impression

Jay Leno does a pretty uncanny Susan Boyle impression.

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