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These 14 Long-Lasting Celebrity Feuds Should Honestly Be Taught In History Classes

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford's 40-year feud inspired a TV show!

If you're reading this, then you're probably no stranger to celebrity beef. From name-dropping their exes in hit songs to shading their former friends in hourlong YouTube videos, celebs know how to ensure the person they're having drama with knows exactly how they feel.

However, before there were subtweets and shady Instagram stories, there was still plenty of drama in Hollywood. Sometimes, those feuds blew over in a few months, but other times, they went on for years and years.

Here are 14 celebrity feuds that spanned decades:

1. In 1933, Joan Crawford announced her divorce on the same day that Bette Davis's first major movie, Ex-Lady, was announced, igniting a feud that inspired a TV show.

"Whatever Happened To Baby Jane" costars

In 1962, Crawford somehow managed to convince Davis to play her sister in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Jane and her sister lay on the beach

In 2017, FX turned their ill-fated feud into a show called Feud: Bette and Joan.

Joan walks away from Bette

2. In 1991, Tyra Banks finally got the opportunity to model in Paris after years of rejections, but the industry instantly pitted her against Naomi Campbell.

Tyra walked for YSL, and Naomi walked for Valentino

In 2005, Campbell made an appearance on The Tyra Banks Show so they could work out their differences.

Naomi and Tyra hash it out on live TV

3. George Takei and William Shatner have been at odds since 1966, when the original Star Trek began.

Captain Kirk and Sulu star out the front of the ship

In 1988, Takei initially refused to reprise his role for Star Trek V because Shatner was directing it. He eventually came on board, but the film disappointed critics.

Shatner directing the doomed film

In 2016, they briefly united for a Star Trek reunion photo.

Team Trek is at @StarTrek_DST with @WilliamShatner @GeorgeTakei @GineokwKoenig @4TerryFarrell @Marina_Sirtis & many more #StarTrek

@ByBillBurke / Via Twitter: @bybillburke

As of 2020, they still had nothing kind to say about each other in the press. On David Tennant Does a Podcast With, Takei said, "Some actors seem to feel that [Star Trek is] a one-man show. ... That’s the source of some tensions.”

4. Debbie Reynolds was 17 when she became close friends with Elizabeth Taylor. But after her husband, Mike Todd, died in 1958, Taylor began an affair with Reynolds' husband, Eddie Fisher.

the two couples stroll together at a horse derby

Eventually, Reynolds and Taylor made amends, and in 2001, they costarred in These Old Broads, which was written by Carrie Fisher.

Beryl watches Piper and her friends sing

5. In 1999, Sarah Jessica Parker got an executive producer credit and a pay increase to $300,000 for Sex and the City Season 2, and after costar Kim Cattrall tried to negotiate a higher salary for herself, the crew members told Telegraph that the other cast members "wouldn't even sit with [Cattrall] at mealtimes."

Samantha and Carrie complain about their lives while watching a ball game

Parker denied these reports, and she told Elle, "I don't think anybody wants to believe that I love Kim. I adore her. I wouldn't have done the movie without her."

Carrie and Samantha share a drink

Cattrall accused Parker of "exploiting [her] tragedy in order to restore [Parker's] ‘nice girl’ persona."

6. In 1999, a friend of 50 Cent stole Ja Rule's chain at gunpoint, and there's been bad blood between the rappers ever since.


In 2002, 50 Cent signed to a new label and released his first hit single, which was inspired by Ja Rule — "Wanksta."

50 Cent's music video

In 2018, Ja Rule tweeted that he "owned [50 Cent's] soul, so in response, 50 Cent bought 200 tickets to his show on Groupon, which he then left empty.

7. After Johnny Carson's retirement in 1992, an "epic late-night war" began when Jay Leno took over The Tonight Show — a role David Letterman had expected was his.

each host at the desk on his respective show

After his retirement, Carson visited Late Night and asked Letterman, "How pissed off are you?”

Carson on Letterman

8. In her memoir, Joan Fontaine alleged that her own birth in 1917 sparked the feud with her sister and fellow actor Olivia de Havilland, who didn't want to share their parents' attention.

the sisters glaring at each other in a club

In 1939, Fontaine married Brian Aherne, her sister's ex-boyfriend.

Joan and her actor boyfriend

In 1941, they were both nominated for Best Actress at the Academy Awards.

the sisters sat together at the disastrous awards ceremony

However, when their mother died in 1975, Fontaine was out of the country, and she wasn't invited to the memorial service until she threatened to leak the story to the press unless the date was moved to accommodate her.

Olivia glares at Joan

9. Debra Winger and Shirley MacLaine's feud began on the set of Terms of Endearment in 1983.

Aurora hugs her daughter

The movie earned both actors an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress, which MacLaine won.

MacLaine holding her Oscar

10. In the early years of Muhammad Ali's boxing career, he and Joe Frazier were good friends, but while they were planning 1971's, "Fight of the Century" they turned on each other.

Frazier swings at Ali

In 1974, they appeared on The Dick Cavett Show, where they jokingly accused a presenter of stirring the pot.

they team up to pick up host Dick Caveatt

In 1975, they headed to the Philippines for their third and final match.

Ali boxes Frazier's head

However, before Frazier's death in 2011, the two made amends.

the men arrive arm in arm at the  2002 ESPY Awards

11. Early in her career, Carly Simon dated Warren Beatty, whose cheating was revealed to her by her therapist, so she wrote "You're So Vain" in 1972 and teased the inspiration behind the song for decades.

singer and actor

However, in 2015, she finally revealed that Warren Beatty was indeed part of the inspiration behind the song.

12. In 1998, Brandy and Monica hit the top of the charts with "The Boy Is Mine," but their duet sparked rumors that they were feuding behind-the-scenes.

"The Boy Is Mine" music video

At the 2018 Essence Festival, Brandy performed "The Boy Is Mine" solo, changing the lyrics to "the song is mine," but in 2020, she and Monica came face-to-face on the Instagram Live show Verzuz.

13. In 1965, Johnny Carson helped turn Joan Rivers into an overnight sensation on The Tonight Show, but when she took a deal to host her own late night show in 1986, he was furious.

Joan Rivers as a guest on "The Tonight Show"

Rivers was banned from The Tonight Show, which Jay Leno upheld when he took the reins from Carson.

Joan Rivers on "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon