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    50 Really Simple Things You Can Do If You're Trying To Save Money

    All I hear is cha-ching.

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    Strapped for cash and trying to save as much money as you can? It's never too late to start saving, so we've rounded up some helpful tips to get you started.

    Here are 50 simple ways you can spend less and save more:

    1. Track your spending and set a budget.

    2. Start a savings account that earns more interest.

    3. Put a portion of each paycheck into your savings.

    4. Start a change jar and deposit it into your bank account once it's full.

    A change jar with coins

    5. Or try a savings app like Digit, which makes small, automatic transfers from your checking account into savings.

    6. Start a travel fund and contribute a set amount each week. By the time it's full, you can set out on the adventure of your choice.

    A piggy bank with a coin going inside of it

    7. Need to withdraw cash? Use the ATMs associated with your bank or credit union to avoid unnecessary fees.

    A woman at an ATM

    8. Prioritize paying off any high-interest debt, like a credit card.

    Women holding credit card while using laptop

    9. Replace take out meals and sit-down restaurants by cooking your own food at home.

    10. Make a list when you're going to the grocery store to avoid the temptation of buying extras you don't need.

    A blank notebook

    11. And if your grocery store has a rewards program, be sure to sign up.

    12. Instead of hitting happy hour or grabbing drinks to-go at your local bar, try your hand at being a bartender and craft your own cocktails.

    A variety of colorful cocktails

    13. And skip the coffee shop and make your own cup of joe at home.

    Person drinking iced coffee

    14. Plant a garden so you have fresh fruits and veggies in your backyard or fresh herbs on your fire escape.

    A woman setting up her home garden

    15. If you head out to work or school each day, pack a lunch as often as you can.

    16. Head to places like Costco to stock up on staples like laundry soap and toilet paper.

    Rolls of toilet paper

    17. Meal prep so you have food for the week and aren't tempted to order out.

    18. Save for your retirement by opening an IRA (individual retirement account).

    Screenshot of the Acorns app

    19. Try your hand at investing to give your money a chance to grow.

    20. Going shopping? Hit the sales and clearance sections first to find discounted items.

    21. Sell your old clothes, shoes, or purses on an online platform like Poshmark or Facebook Marketplace.

    22. Or host a garage sale to make a few extra dollars.

    23. If you're on a contract phone plan, consider switching plans to save some cash.

    Screenshot of Mint Mobile's cell phone plans at $15 to $30 per month

    24. Don't rush into big purchases. Instead, sleep on it overnight to make sure it's what you actually want to buy.

    25. And if you're sharing finances with a partner, setting some ground rules can really help you stay on track.

    Couple buying groceries together

    26. Shop at your local thrift store and you might score a good find.

    A woman shopping at a store

    27. Take advantage of the cash back or miles rewards on your credit card if it offers them.

    28. And take advantage of rewards programs at stores like Sephora or Ulta so you can make the most of your purchases.

    29. Plus, save even more on your shopping trips when you use coupons or promo codes.

    A cashier scanning a person's phone

    30. Put your bills on autopay so you don't have to worry about a potential late fee for forgetting that one time.

    A list of monthly bills

    31. Check out books from your local library if you're an avid reader and want to save on literary costs.

    A woman at the library

    32. Booking a trip? Track the best time to buy a flight through travel apps like Hopper.

    Screenshot of the Hopper app

    33. Compare home or car insurance rates before you renew to make sure you're getting the best price possible.

    A wooden car on a pile of coins

    34. If you can, purchase store-brand medications and generic prescriptions.

    A glass of water and some prescription pills sitting on a table

    35. Want to avoid pricey gym memberships and online subscriptions? Set up a home gym where you can get your sweat on or find a safe place in your neighborhood to take a run or walk.

    36. Looking to refresh your space? DIY a home project like painting your walls or crafting new cabinets.

    37. Learn how to sew so you can fix old or damaged clothes instead of getting rid of them.

    A sewing kit with colorful threads

    38. Or repurpose an old pair of pants and turn them into shorts by cutting them down.

    Pile of denim jeans

    39. Create homemade gifts from the heart.

    Accessories for knitting

    40. Install a programmable thermostat to help reduce heating costs.

    41. And don't fall asleep with the lights or TV on.

    A set of string lights

    42. Don't want to pay for cable? Choose one streaming service of your choice instead.

    43. And evaluate how many subscription services you actually use and cancel the ones you don't frequent as much.

    Screenshot of recurring bills and subscriptions in the Simplifi app

    44. Buy items like jackets or bathing suits during the off-season for extra savings.

    45. If you're not going far (and the weather allows) ride your bicycle to cut down on gas costs.

    46. And depending on your area, public transportation can be a cheap and easy to get around.

    A public transportation tram

    47. If you need to drive, save at the pump by using an app that can help you find the cheapest gas.

    48. And stay on top of your car maintenance to avoid surprise fixes down the road.

    Someone working on a car engine

    49. If you've got extra time, think about taking on a side hustle.

    50. Finally, take that extra money you end up saving and treat yourself once in a while for all the hard work you put in. You deserve it!

    What's your go-to money saving tip? Let us know in the comments below!