11 Money-Saving Challenges That Just Might Actually Work

    Challenge accepted.

    It's always nice to have a little cash tucked away for everything from emergencies to vacations to holiday shopping. But saving money is HARD.

    Luckily, the internet has gifted us with some money-saving challenges that might not only help you save some cash, but also seem kind of fun? So go forth, get that bread, and grow that savings account.

    1. The 52-Week Savings Challenge

    2. Weather Wednesdays

    A screenshot of a weather app with a high of 91 circled in black and text "living in los angeles problems"

    3. No Spend Challenge

    4. 365 Day Penny Challenge

    A close up of a palm with a penny in it and an arrow points to text "saving the first of many pennies"

    5. Coffee Break Challenge

    A hand holds up a mason jar of coffee encircled in a drawn heart and text "this coffee saved me $4"

    6. Envelope System Challenge

    An open envelope full of bills and coins with text "your grocery money" along the envelope flap

    7. The $5 Savings Challenge

    A hand holds up a $5 bill with a drawn speech bubble coming from Lincoln's mouth that reads "save me, pls"

    8. Money-Saving Bingo

    A hand crosses off a number on a Bingo sheet over a floral tablecloth

    9. 100 Envelope Challenge

    A TikTok screenshot showing "$1" written on an envelope and text explaining how to complete the challenge

    10. Receipt Savings Challenge

    A hand holds a receipt with "total savings $16" circled in red with overlaid text reading "putting $16 in the bank!"

    11. Bad Habit Money Jar Challenge

    A clear jar full of $1 bills next to a cactus with text "all my missed workouts" with an arrow to the jar

    Have you tried any of these challenges? Know another one we missed? Tell us in the comments below!