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17 Beginner Sewing Techniques That Will Make Your Clothes Last A Lifetime

The ripped jeans look is so three years ago.

You'll get far in life just knowing these four basic hand stitches and what they're used for.

1. Repair the holes in a moth-eaten sweater.

2. You can close pretty much any hole using a technique called "darning," and you can also use it to fix a hole in your sock.

3. Darning is also an easy way to hand-mend a hole in your jeans without having to patch it up with an extra piece of fabric.

4. If a piece of clothing you own has come apart at the seams, the ladder stitch is the one hand-sewing stitch you need to know.

It's also sometimes known as a slip stitch.

5. Pockets tend to give out way sooner than your jeans do. Repair a hole in a pocket by cutting off the hole, flipping inside out, and sewing around the perimeter.

6. Easily repair a detached zipper by sewing the zipper teeth back onto the zipper tape.

7. Raise a saggy neckline by putting a dart in the back.

8. Extend the life of your baby's onesies by adding an extra piece of fabric that snaps on.

9. Here's the proper way to sew a four hole button.

10. Let out the hem on a pair of jeans that are too short.

12. If a buttonhole on your jeans tears and becomes loose, you can tighten it up using a buttonhole purl stitch.

13. If the button on your jeans falls off, you don't actually need to sew it back on — you just need a pack of dungaree buttons and a pair of vice grips.

14. Here's how to repair a fallen hem using the whip stitch.

15. Reattach a lining using the fell stitch.

16. Let out the waistband on a pair of pants by cutting slits in the sides and "patching" with a similar fabric.

17. Seamlessly (no pun intended!) repair a blown-out crotch in jeans.