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    18 Of The Best Things To Buy In Bulk On Amazon

    You're going to buy it again anyway, might as well buy it in bulk for less.

    1. A variety pack of three Tampax tampons boxes (120 total) for your time of the month, month after month. Get a bulk pack so you're not scrambling to the store every 28 days.

    2. A pack of six Banza Chickpea Pasta boxes to give you a high-in-protein, gluten-free option for Italian dinner nights.

    3. While you're at it, add a six-pack of Cucina Antica gourmet pasta sauce to your cart so you can have a delicious sauce that is gluten free and contains no GMOs or preservatives.

    4. A pack of 24 AmazonBasics washcloths that'll work for the bathroom, kitchen, gym, or anywhere else in the house where you could use them.

    5. A box of 24 Nature’s Bees Cocoa Butter Lip Balm, because we are headed into winter and weather you like it or not your lips are going to get chapped from the cold.

    6. A pack of 24 Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper rolls to keep in a storage closet, because you will go through it eventually I promise.

    7. A bulk set of 12 handmade bath bombs to set the perfect bath time mood. These handcrafted bombs fizz and moisturize with shea and coco butter, which are SO good for your skin.

    8. A 12 pack of 14oz Soylent meal replacement bottles for anyone looking for an easier way to get your meals in. With 20% of your daily vitamins and minerals per bottle, people are loving the convenience and taste!

    9. A 10-pound bag of Starbursts because Halloween is coming up and candy prices are skyrocketing. Buy in bulk now so you can avoid the rush!

    10. A pack of 120 Hefty kitchen trash bags made to hold 13 gallons of waste and designed with a drawstring to ensure a tight grip on trash cans.

    11. A pack of three Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening toothpaste that'll strengthen your enamel, lessening the chances of cavities and tooth sensitivity. (Use this after eating all those Starbursts!)

    12. A pack of eight travel Space Saver Bags so you can easily store winter clothes and pack for your next long vacation. Made with no vacuum or pump needed, you can pack that extra pair of jeans without question.

    13. A pack of 24 Supricolor ink cartridges that'll make sure your next homework assignment gets printed on time and without any stress.

    14. A pack of 24 sponges because there are few other more disgusting sensations than a old soggy dirty sponge! Ew. Throw it out and grab a fresh one from under your sink!

    15. An excitingly large box of 800 Crayola Crayons in 16 assorted colors. Draw your hearts out!

    16. A 20-pair set of low cut/no show socks for anyone who digs around in their drawer looking for a fresh pair and never can find one! (hello, me.) Buying them in bulk will save you $$ in the long run. And hey, now you can go for a long run!

    17. A pack of six Folgers Classic Roast Ground Coffee tins, because you're going to drink it anyway, so you might as well buy in bulk.

    18. A bulk pack of Huggies baby wipes because your little one goes through so fast. Now you have 648 wipes to take care of it!

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