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    18 Of The Best Things To Buy In Bulk On Amazon

    You're going to buy it again anyway, might as well buy it in bulk for less.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A variety pack of three Tampax tampons boxes (120 total) for your time of the month, month after month. Get a bulk pack so you're not scrambling to the store every 28 days.


    Promising review: "This new version of tampons, as they come with the leak guard skirt and anti-slip grip makes it easier and comfortable to use while having my period. The multipack is very useful as it has good proportion or rate of between light, regular and super capacity tampons."—AmazonCustomer

    Price: $25.49

    2. A pack of six Banza Chickpea Pasta boxes to give you a high-in-protein, gluten-free option for Italian dinner nights.

    Promising review: "Banza is the real deal. I had been on the hunt for a healthier pasta that didn't leave me feeling as sluggish as normal pasta, but after trying every brand out there I was losing hope of finding a worthy replacement. They all had earthy tastes, odd textures, or couldn't hold their own in traditional pasta dishes. Then a friend of mine recommended Banza, and I haven't looked back since." —James

    Price: $21.99

    For more info on Banza, check out our full review!

    3. While you're at it, add a six-pack of Cucina Antica gourmet pasta sauce to your cart so you can have a delicious sauce that is gluten free and contains no GMOs or preservatives.

    Promising review: "This sauce is very good. I was looking for a sauce with less sugar and sodium. This sauce was recommended on another site, so I came and found it by the case at Amazon. My wife thought I was crazy getting a case of spaghetti sauce shipped to the house, but she likes it!" —Ken

    Price: $34.44 (available in six flavors)

    4. A pack of 24 AmazonBasics washcloths that'll work for the bathroom, kitchen, gym, or anywhere else in the house where you could use them.

    Promising review: "I usually buy washcloths in a large pack at Walmart. I divide them and use them for general cleaning in the kitchen, bathroom and to clean floors. Seriously, 24 washcloths for $12ish? It's a great value." —Isabel

    Price: $16.99 (available in seven colors)

    5. A box of 24 Nature’s Bees Cocoa Butter Lip Balm, because we are headed into winter and weather you like it or not your lips are going to get chapped from the cold.


    Plus idk about you, but I lose my lip balm at least once a week, so this is super handy! Flavors include: Original, Mango Butter, Olive Oil, and Shea Butter.

    Promising review: "My search is over! I've spent YEARS searching for the perfect lip balm and finally found it in this product! I've purchased every brand, every flavor, every style and have never been totally satisfied. These lip balms are very emollient, have pleasant tastes and last a long time on your lips." —soakup

    Price: $16.84 (available in 24–96 pack)

    6. A pack of 24 Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper rolls to keep in a storage closet, because you will go through it eventually I promise.


    Promising review: "I really enjoy these compared to the off-brand ones that my dad buys. Those cheaper ones tend to be thin and rip easily with lots of particles that seem to fly around every time I use them, and not to mention, it feels more like I'm just smearing rather than cleaning, leaving me feeling awfully uncomfortable. I was looking around for a better brand, and I read good reviews about Charmin Ultra Strong."—AmazonCustomer

    Price: $31.39

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    7. A bulk set of 12 handmade bath bombs to set the perfect bath time mood. These handcrafted bombs fizz and moisturize with shea and coco butter, which are SO good for your skin.


    Promising review: "Bought these for my girlfriend and she said they are BETTER then Lush's bath bombs. We used one together and they smell great, leave your skin smooth, and most do not contain glitter. Will definitely purchase these again. They're a little bit smaller than Lush bombs, but there was no difference in terms of color, scent, or skin softening. You could put Lush on this box and not even recognize a difference. These are quality bombs, if you are looking for a gift for someone or looking to use bath bombs yourself, buy these, you will not regret it." —Amazon Customer

    Get a set of 12 from Amazon for $26.80.

    8. A 12 pack of 14oz Soylent meal replacement bottles for anyone looking for an easier way to get your meals in. With 20% of your daily vitamins and minerals per bottle, people are loving the convenience and taste!

    Promising review: "I decided to try Soylent after hearing about it on my favorite podcast, and I am so glad I did! I am a busy young professional who is moderately health obsessed. I found myself eating out WAY too often (several times a week) when I started a very competitive and time consuming job." —lgad

    Check out #7 in this post for a BuzzFeeder's review!

    Price: $29 (available in four flavors)

    9. A 10-pound bag of Starbursts because Halloween is coming up and candy prices are skyrocketing. Buy in bulk now so you can avoid the rush!


    Promising review: "I was a little worried that for the price these might be old and not easy to chew, but they were very soft and fresh, and they arrived double bagged to maintain freshness.—AmazonCustomer

    Price: $36.95

    10. A pack of 120 Hefty kitchen trash bags made to hold 13 gallons of waste and designed with a drawstring to ensure a tight grip on trash cans.

    Promising review: "How did I get to this point in my life where I have go-to garbage bags and would review them? The bags fit my Rubbermaid 13-gallon touch top trash can as expected. They're easy to put on and stand up to my extreme laziness when it comes to taking out the trash in a timely fashion. I feel like they've held together under twenty or more pounds of pointy trash in them without fail, which is all I could ask from a trash bag." —Shaky dave

    Price: $16.19

    11. A pack of three Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening toothpaste that'll strengthen your enamel, lessening the chances of cavities and tooth sensitivity. (Use this after eating all those Starbursts!)


    Promising review: "I've been using this toothpaste for eight years and I've found that this is probably the best for decreasing sensitivity and improving enamel hardness. The whitening properties are not bad, just not as substantial as one would expect. Although, if you do wish to whiten your teeth, the compounds used to make a noticeable difference would defeat the purpose of this particular toothpaste as most whitening products increase sensitivity of teeth for a period after using." —odet

    Price: $14.02

    12. A pack of eight travel Space Saver Bags so you can easily store winter clothes and pack for your next long vacation. Made with no vacuum or pump needed, you can pack that extra pair of jeans without question.

    Promising review: "These were the things I never knew I needed for traveling. They work just as advertised and are really useful when going on a trip. These bags seal up and conceal the most stinky, wet clothes from your clean unused clothes. They are going to be one of my new necessities for my big family when traveling."—sarabello

    Price: $14.88

    13. A pack of 24 Supricolor ink cartridges that'll make sure your next homework assignment gets printed on time and without any stress.


    Promising review: "This set of printer ink by Supricolor does the job just fine! These come in a pack of 24 and at an affordable price of 20 dollars! What a deal! Previously, I had been buying ink from bigger companies at a much-exceeding price. However, after buying this, I have realized that it does just as good as the ink from better well-known companies. Furthermore, I've had printing issues with better brands where my printed document would have faded sections whereas these work great! I suggest you pick one up and try it yourself today, you won't regret it!" —wyman

    Price: $19.99

    14. A pack of 24 sponges because there are few other more disgusting sensations than a old soggy dirty sponge! Ew. Throw it out and grab a fresh one from under your sink!


    Promising review: "These are the spongiest sponges I have ever had the opportunity to sponge with. If you need to sponge up some stuff, these sponges will absolutely do the trick."—sticky thumbs

    Price: $18.99

    Check out BuzzFeed Reviews for which three sponges won our top pick in three different price categories.

    15. An excitingly large box of 800 Crayola Crayons in 16 assorted colors. Draw your hearts out!


    Promising review: "Nothing like Crayola crayons. I buy bulk crayons for the children's menu at the restaurant I work at. I usually buy whatever is the best deal at the time. These always seem to last the longest!" —kia

    Price: $44.45 (available in 1–5 packs)

    16. A 20-pair set of low cut/no show socks for anyone who digs around in their drawer looking for a fresh pair and never can find one! (hello, me.) Buying them in bulk will save you $$ in the long run. And hey, now you can go for a long run!


    Promising review: "I love my socks! I don't like heavy thick socks. I have to wear socks with my shoes can't stand to go with out.These are great for me.There is nothing I can find wrong with these. I have had them for awhile I have worn and washed them several times. I have not had any problems." —AmazonCustomer

    Price: $15.99 (available in 17 colors)

    17. A pack of six Folgers Classic Roast Ground Coffee tins, because you're going to drink it anyway, so you might as well buy in bulk.


    Promising review: "This is our favorite coffee. These are a great buy in a 6 pack on subscribe and save. An added bonus is that the empty cans fit perfectly under the seat in our pickup as a trash can on car trip.s"—Idaho family

    Price: $49.68

    18. A bulk pack of Huggies baby wipes because your little one goes through so fast. Now you have 648 wipes to take care of it!


    Promising review: "My son is 4.5 months old. We have used A LOT of baby wipes now. We've used many different brands (and even different types in the same brand) and these are by far the BEST." —AmazonCustomer

    Price: $13.96

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