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11 Things Every Grown-Ass Adult Who Rides A Bicycle Really Needs

If you're commuting by bike without mudguards, I don't want to be your friend.

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Travelling by bicycle is the most glamorous and sensible way to get about. I've been commuting by bike for two years, and these are all the best things I've bought.

Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

Here is a picture I drew of me riding my best friend.

1. A helmet you actually want to wear.

Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

If you get a helmet you like, you're 100% more likely to wear it and therefore not die. I have this one at £39.99 – people have shouted "cool helmet" at me in the street before, and if that's not a good review I don't know what is.

If you don't want to spend that much money, this one looks pretty swish and is only £6.95, and it seems to work, according to this review:

"I had bought it seven months ago. Was using it since then at least five days a week to and from work. Yesterday actually saved my life as I was hit by the car badly. Survived! Fell on my head, but that helmet protected me perfectly. I am glad I am still alive."

2. For god's sake, get some mudguards.

I don't understand people who ride in England without mudguards – you are going to get a wet bum. You can get them in a nice shiny silver that will look good on any bike for just £22. If you choose to buy your mudguards in a bike shop they'll usually fit them for you free of charge.

If you really, really hate the look of mudguards, invest in a removable one (or probably several because I often see them lost on the road) for just £3.75.

3. Swap your regular tires for puncture-proof ones and never get stranded again.

Puncture-proof tires are 100% worth the cash. I have been riding my bike for 18 months every day without a single puncture. They're expensive at £25 each, but you can cycle over broken glass without a worry.

If you don't believe me, believe this guy who got a massive screw in his tyre:

"This is quite simply the best commuter tyre money can buy, I discovered this bad boy after a 20 mile commute (6 months after fitting the tyre). I'm not sure where I picked it up, but when I did I just pulled it out and rode home. I'm still on the same tyre 2 years on. I've never had a puncture in the 6 years I've been using these tyres. Fit and forget."

4. Get some USB rechargeable bike lights.

These tend to be much brighter than the battery ones, and once you get in the habit of charging them every charging them every couple of weeks you'll be thankful you never have to buy batteries. These ones look stylish and are only £11.89 for the pair.

5. But also, get some spare lights.

I keep a pair strapped to my bike at all times for when I forget to charge my USB ones, and I have one in most handbags I own (I hoard bike lights). Luckily I can afford to do this as they're only £1.06 a pair.

6. Reflectors are as important as lights, so why not get some cool ones?

You can get leopard print, bones, or polka dot reflector stickers here for £6.

7. Get a phone holder for fuss-free navigation.

Trying to follow Google Maps shouting directions at you from your pocket is not fun. The quad lock is the crème de la crème of phone holders – it comes with a rainproof cover and looks very sleek, but at £49.95, it's a serious investment.

I have this one, which is incredibly clunky and ugly but only costs £7.95 so I can leave it on my bike without worrying if it's going to get stolen. It's completely waterproof and you can use the touchscreen through it.

8. Don't let the rain stop you – get some waterproofs.

I am totally into this polka dot rain poncho for £15. I don't own it, but I'm about to.

If you're not as cool as me and that's not your style, this posh Reflect 360 jacket is excellent if you want to stay dry and be seen without having to dress in neon green. It's pricey, though, at £65.67.

9. Stop getting a sweaty back and invest in some panniers.

You will think wearing a backpack and cycling is fine, until you try not wearing a backpack and cycling. I am obsessed with buying a bike bag for every occasion – I just bought this pricey one from Linus that's both extremely stylish and practical for £49.99.

If you want something a lil' more budget, you can get a 19-litre pannier from Decathlon for £7.99.

10. Alternatively, get a basket.,

Baskets are not just for old ladies – they are extremely practical. I would advise against getting a wicker one as they will rot over time. I have this one which slots on and off my rear rack with ease. I take it off, use it as a supermarket basket, and then slot it back in with all my shopping inside. It comes in four colours and is only £16.98.

Front baskets are also great – they really come into their own when you want to quickly take off your jumper at traffic lights. I recommend getting a metal or plastic one without big holes that keys could fall through. For ultimate flexibility, get the Basil front carrier and plastic crate. Together they come to about £50, but you'll be able to carry a medium-sized dog if you want to.

11. Politely ask people to move the fuck out of your way with a bike bell.,

This one is unique because it can fit in the natural position to use it on road bike handlebars, so you can brake and angrily ping together. It's only £9.99 and might stop you accidentally crashing into a pedestrian.

If you have a bike with traditional handlebars like me you might prefer a ding-dong bell. I have one similar to this one, which is only £6.95. Mine is insanely loud and easy to use while braking.

Happy biking!

Flo Perry / BuzzFeed