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    16 Ways To Boost Your Fitness Routine At Home

    Crush your workout *and* strengthen your bod indoors. 💪

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    Hey guys, are you missing your favorite gym or studio a little extra lately? Even though we are spending more time indoors, there is one thing we can do in addition to baking, FaceTiming with loved ones, and binge-watching our fave shows on Netflix: exercise.


    Yes, I'm talking about a feel-good workout sesh right in your bedroom or living room. You may be thinking, "I don't know where to start" or "I don't even have a home gym," but seriously don't ~sweat~ it: All you need is activewear, basic equipment, and some space for yoga, strength training, and other activities.


    Here are a few tips for anyone who wants to boost their fitness routine at home, whether you're a seasoned pro or want to get moving more:

    1. Set a daily reminder on your phone to work out. It'll keep you accountable *and* let you figure out a time that works best for you. It could be early in the morning, during your lunch break, or in the evening.

    Genevieve Scarano/BuzzFeed

    My reminder says "get moving" with a cute emoji, so I don't forget to exercise during the day.

    2. Stock up on fun and functional activewear, so you don't run out of indoor workout outfits. Nothing's more frustrating when you can't do Pilates or lift weights because all your fitness clothes are in the wash again.

    Target, Beyond Yoga, Puma

    Some recommendations: The JoyLab line at Target for great workout tops, Puma for tanks, and Beyond Yoga for bottoms.

    And don't be afraid to mix it up when it comes to your activewear wardrobe. Try new patterns, new fabrics, and multi-seasonal pieces. Everyone will be asking "where did you get that workout outfit?!" when you video chat with them.

    3. Set up a space for your indoor fitness routine. It doesn't have to be super big, but you should be able to lunge, squat, jump, kick, and run in place without slamming into anything.

    Charlotte Gomez/BuzzFeed

    If you do have the room for exercise equipment, like an an elliptical, put it in an area away from other furniture. Or if you're really tight on space, a small corner in your living room or bedroom will work!

    4. Have exercise essentials, including a yoga mat, weights, and resistance bands, on hand. Your at-home fitness hub will be ready for a variety of workouts.

    Genevieve Scarano/BuzzFeed

    Tip: Buy a yoga mat (like the one above from Gaiam) that'll give you a lil' cushioning while you do barre movements or work on your core. You don't want to be sliding around or hurt your bod while exercising indoors.

    For more indoor fitness gear, check out 37 Products To Help You Workout At Home Because No One's Going To The Gym Right Now.

    5. And if you want to get started but don't have equipment at home, you can do total-body workouts instead.

    Lauren Zaser for BuzzFeed/Design by Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed

    6. Focus on core and bodyweight exercises. Think of the core as the foundation of a house. If it's not strong enough, it'll be difficult to complete cardio and strength training. Once you work on those planks, push-ups, and spider lunges, you'll be able to get the most out of your home workouts.

    Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed / Via

    Planking is not easy (I'm still working on it too folks), but you will *feel* a difference in your core, arms, and legs once you keep practicing it.

    7. Switch up your fitness routine with a workout app. Love to work out with others? Obé has plenty of on-demand classes for you to try. Or if you're in the mood for a more tailored circuit, Freeletics is like having your own digital personal trainer at home.

    Abby Kass/BuzzFeed, Freeletics

    Read about the workout apps BuzzFeed editors love in 14 Great Apps To Help You Work Out At Home.

    8. And if you're on a budget and need to save $$$ on fitness, there are so many YouTube channels that offer *free* workouts for HIIT, yoga, weight training, and more.

    View this video on YouTube

    Fitness Blender/YouTube

    Some of my go-to channels include 305 Fitness for killer dance sessions, YOGATX for gentle yoga, and Fitness Blender for upper body toning.

    9. Add a challenge to your daily fitness grind. Like running? Set a different pace when you hit the treadmill. More into floor exercises? Try increasing reps for glute bridges and side leg raises.

    Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed

    10. Ask a family member or friend to join you for a virtual workout session a few days a week. You'll get to burn some calories and spend time with your favorite people.

    Comedy Central

    11. Get movin' with a TikTok workout. Yes, the popular social network app that's so dang enjoyable to watch does have some creative and heart-pumping exercises to try.


    One of our BuzzFeeders tried three viral TikTok workouts for a month and shared her experience here.

    12. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Always keep a bottle of water near your indoor workout zone, just in case you get thirsty during circuits and reps.


    HidrateSpark has great water bottles if you're looking for a high-tech way to track your daily H20 intake. It illuminates whenever you need to drink more water and works with an app to help you monitor daily stats.

    13. Fuel up on the right food before and after your workout. Whip up an antioxidant-packed treat, like a breakfast smoothie bowl, or a sandwich with a portobello "bun."

    Lindsay Hunt/Alice Mongkongllite/Via BuzzFeed, Lauren Zaser/BuzzFeed

    Some of my other go-to snacks include Love Good Fats bars, sliced avocados, and an omelette made with JUST's plant-based egg alternative.

    14. Stretch your bod after your indoor sweat sessions and use a foam roller to alleviate tight hamstrings, quadriceps, and back muscles.

    View this video on YouTube


    You can get a hollow-core foam roller from REI for $26.19.

    15. Take a rest day (or two) if you're feeling really tired and sore. Sometimes you need a break in between workouts, especially if you're trying to tone up or train for a future race.


    16. Don't forget to thank yourself for showing up and taking care of your bod. No matter what level you're at, you still gave it your all while exercising at home.

    Genevieve Scarano/BuzzFeed

    You, the next time you tackle a new fitness routine in your bedroom or living room:


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