"It’s best if you be quiet please," a judge told Christopher Dawson after he exclaimed "You're kidding!" at a prosecutor in court.

Lane Sainty • 2 days ago

Cathrina Cahill's fatal stabbing of her fiancé David Walsh was "the last straw" in a relationship full of violence, the judge said.

Lane Sainty • 4 days ago

Actor Craig McLachlan is suing for defamation over claims he sexually harassed and indecently assaulted cast members during a 2014 musical.

Lane Sainty • 5 days ago

"He's pleased the whole thing is over": More than three years after Ali Mosslmani's mullet became a meme, his defamation battle has finally ended.

Lane Sainty • 5 days ago

"Mr Hayne maintains his innocence. A plea of not guilty will be entered," Hayne's lawyer told the court.

Lane Sainty • 6 days ago

The judge said a 31-page legal letter sent to blogger Esther Rockett on the day of her dad's funeral was "disgraceful".

Lane Sainty • 9 days ago

Dawson was arrested on Wednesday in Queensland and flown to New South Wales to face court over the alleged murder of his wife Lyn Dawson in 1982.

Lane Sainty • 10 days ago

Documents published by BuzzFeed News provide the first look at how the government decides whether to bring sick refugees to Australia.

Hannah Ryan • 11 days ago

High-profile convictions have been thrown into doubt and a royal commission called after the "unprecedented" Lawyer X scandal was finally made public on Monday.

Lane Sainty • 11 days ago

The judge in the case actually ruled that fish oil smells "unpleasant" and "like a cross between stale fish and vinyl".

Lane Sainty • 12 days ago

“Members discussed the level of compassion to be shown…” Redacted minutes from a powerful committee show how decisions are made on the fate of sick refugees and asylum-seekers detained offshore.

Hannah Ryan • 12 days ago

“Kiwi is not an insult,” the Australian tribunal ruled.

Lane Sainty • 12 days ago

The West Indies batsman successfully sued Fairfax Media over articles alleging he had exposed himself to a massage therapist. He's now been awarded $300,000 — but Fairfax plans to appeal.

Lane Sainty • 13 days ago

The actor won't take the witness stand to give evidence at his high-profile trial next year.

Lane Sainty • 13 days ago

"The mental health situation and suffering is amongst the most severe that has seen around the world, including in projects providing care for victims of torture."

Lane Sainty • 13 days ago

Daniel Holdom murdered Karlie Jade Pearce-Stevenson and her 2-year-old daughter Khandalyce a decade ago. On Friday morning, he received two life sentences.

Lane Sainty • 16 days ago

"I know the pain we feel at losing Brett is the price of deep love. He always said ‘I love you, mum’ when he called and I can still hear him say it now."

Lane Sainty • 17 days ago

Yes, we all love Knickers. But how tall are the smaller cows surrounding him?

Lane Sainty • 18 days ago

Train stations have been closed, flights cancelled and delayed, and everyone is basically soaked.

Lane Sainty • 18 days ago

"The balaclava was for skiing, was it?" asked Justice Stephen Rothman.

Lane Sainty • 19 days ago