"You’ve got to do better. And we’ll try and help you do better now."

Lane Sainty • 3 days ago

"The water will die, the grass will die, the tree will die. There will be rocks and dirt, that’s all. There will be nothing left, not even birds."

Lane Sainty • 4 days ago

Opposition and crossbench politicians in Australia teamed up to defeat the government and usher in changes to how refugees detained offshore receive medical treatment.

Lane Sainty • 4 days ago

The Christmas Island centre closed late last year, after just over a decade of operation.

Lane Sainty • 4 days ago

Scott Morrison's response: "Votes will come and go. They do not trouble me."

Lane Sainty • 4 days ago


Lane Sainty • 6 days ago

Voller, who spent his teenage years in and out of juvenile detention, is suing three big media companies for defamation: News Corp, Fairfax Media (now Nine), and the Australian News Channel.

Lane Sainty • 8 days ago

"Wrong place, wrong time": A judge has knocked back a new coal mine, partly due to the "dire consequences" of global climate change.

Lane Sainty • 9 days ago

The international medical charity is launching a tele-health service to keep treating its former patients on Nauru.

Lane Sainty • 10 days ago

Australian resident and refugee Hakeem Al-Araibi remains locked up in a Thai prison, facing extradition to his home country of Bahrain. He has pleaded to not be sent back there.

Lane Sainty • 12 days ago

"Wrongdoing is not denounced by issuing a media release," commissioner Kenneth Hayne said.

Josh Taylor • 12 days ago

“It’s finally a win for humanity, but it shouldn’t have taken so long."

Lane Sainty • 13 days ago

"In determining an appropriate punishment, it does not matter whether Ms Hutchison dabbled in paganism or considered herself to be a white witch. ... She had come to despise her husband in an irrational manner."

Lane Sainty • 17 days ago

"Those comments were wrong and I unreservedly apologise for them."

Lane Sainty • 24 days ago

Arjun Muniyappa, 31, lured the 14-year-old into the building where he worked by offering to tell her fortune for free and then sexually assaulted her, police allege.

Lane Sainty • 25 days ago

"This is an Aboriginal initiative that was never ever given opportunity."

Lane Sainty • 25 days ago

One young person appears to have taken between six and nine pills that were 77% pure MDMA, the inquest heard.

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Lane Sainty • 28 days ago

The 26-year-old was found guilty of attempted murder after she attacked strangers in a convenience store in January 2017.

Lane Sainty • One month ago

A poorly redacted document on a public court website has revealed the enormous sums at stake in the Australian actor's high profile defamation case.

Lane Sainty • One month ago