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This Rugby Player Will Argue He Shouldn't Be Sacked Over An Instagram Post That Said Gay People Would Go To Hell

Rugby union star Israel Folau will challenge Rugby Australia's decision to sack him after he again posted on Instagram that gay people are destined for hell.

Lane Sainty • 9 days ago

Angus Taylor Has Threatened To Sue Journalists For Sharing A Twitter Thread

Two prominent journalists have received legal letters from energy minister Angus Taylor.

Lane Sainty • 9 days ago

How The Geoffrey Rush #MeToo Defamation Case Went Disastrously Wrong For His Accuser

Actor Eryn Jean Norvill, dragged into a #MeToo scandal she never wanted made public, sat and watched as a judge told the world he didn’t believe her.

Lane Sainty • 13 days ago

Geoffrey Rush Has Been Awarded At Least $850,000 In His Defamation Case

"I would've been content to receive a simple apology and a promise to do better, without any of this," his accuser Eryn Jean Norvill said outside court.

Lane Sainty • 15 days ago

Here Are All The Ways The Geoffrey Rush Defamation Verdict Could Play Out

The verdict in the defamation case between the Pirates of the Caribbean star and a Sydney newspaper will be handed down on Thursday.

Lane Sainty • 16 days ago

Christchurch Terror Attack Victims Went To The Accused Gunman's Court Appearance

The 28-year-old Australian appeared in court in Christchurch via video link on Friday morning.

Lane Sainty • 21 days ago

Seven Is Being Sued Over That "Sunrise" Stolen Generations Panel Discussion

"If they had done the exact same story talking about child sexual abuse in the mainstream community and showed images of families in the Northern Beaches, Vaucluse, Point Piper, can you imagine the outrage?"

Lane Sainty • 21 days ago

Not A Single Refugee Has Been Sent To Christmas Island Since The Detention Centre Was Reopened

The government said reopening the centre was vital after changes to refugee medical transfer laws — but nobody has been transferred there.

Lane Sainty • 22 days ago

Please Enjoy These 15 Random Things We Found In This Year’s Budget

There was way more stuff about ants than I think any of us anticipated.

Lane Sainty • 23 days ago

Scott Morrison Said Reopening Christmas Island Would Cost $1.4 Billion, But It Absolutely Won’t

The government plans to spend $185 million on reopening Christmas Island detention centre... and then closing it again.

Lane Sainty • 23 days ago

"We Cannot Be A Minority": There Must Be People With Disability Heading Royal Commission, Senator Says

"It should not have taken the accidental election of a disabled person through section 44 of the constitution to actually get this thing through."

Lane Sainty • 24 days ago

Six Days After The Christchurch Terror Attack, New Zealand Is Banning Military-Style Semi Automatic Weapons

"In short, every semiautomatic weapon used in the terrorist attack on Friday will be banned in this country."

Lane Sainty • One month ago

The Pain Of The Earthquakes Resurfaces As Christchurch Again Begins To Heal

“All those people who died in the earthquake and in the shooting, they all died for no reason. They were all innocent and nobody deserved to die.”

Hannah Ryan • One month ago

"New Zealand Should Be A Symbol For Everyone": Christchurch's Schoolkids Have Come Together To Support The Muslim Community

“We will grow from this. It’s only going to bring us closer together and bring our communities closer."

Hannah Ryan • One month ago

Muslim Leader Says Christchurch Shooter Has "Failed Woefully" To Divide New Zealand

A mass burial of many of the Christchurch victims is expected to take place later this week.

Lane Sainty • One month ago

A Man Whose Uncle Was Killed In Christchurch Says His Family Is "Helpless" As They Wait For The Body

“They can’t put his soul into peace because he’s still out there and he’s not buried yet.”

Lane Sainty • One month ago

Here's How New Zealanders Are Rallying To Help The Families Of The Christchurch Victims

“We’re just normal people trying to do something to help our community, just doing our little fair share to help out Christchurch.”

Hannah Ryan • One month ago

Here's How Muslims In Christchurch Are Dealing With The Mass Shooting

"I got a call this morning at 6 o’clock, just packed my bags and I was here at about 9 o’clock."

Lane Sainty • One month ago

"We Just Came Here To Respect Those Who Lost Their Lives": People Are Laying Flowers In Christchurch

"We should be together. The bond has to be strong enough so hopefully we can defeat this kind of act."

Lane Sainty • One month ago

"All I See Is Blood Everywhere": Survivor Describes Christchurch Mosque Attack

“Innocent people are dead for nothing ... we don’t even know why you hate us.”

Hannah Ryan • One month ago