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A Cricket Club's Account Was Banned After It Was Hacked And Posted ISIS Content

"My first thought would be, why would anyone hack a cricket club's Twitter that has no followers?"

Cameron Wilson 11 hours ago

A Woman Shared A Dick Pic A Random Guy Sent Her On Instagram. One Of Them Was Banned (It’s The Woman).

“I put the emoji over the top in an attempt to keep it PG,” Han told BuzzFeed News.

Cameron Wilson 2 days ago

The Firefighter In A Viral Photo That Sparked A Gender Debate Says His Female Colleagues Are Just As Good

"That's a woman firefighter," said one tweet dunking on a men's rights activist. One problem: it wasn't.

Cameron Wilson 6 days ago

Australian Teens Are Using TikTok To Show The World How Bad The Bushfires Are

Millions around the world are watching Australia burn on TikTok.

Cameron Wilson 8 days ago

Influencers Say Hiding Likes On Instagram Has Made Them More Chill About Posting Pictures

"I was never ‘stressed’ but I would stack up other posts against others. Now, not so much," said one Australian Instagram user.

Cameron Wilson 9 days ago

Australia's Internet Freedom Is Declining, According To This New Report

Internet freedom declined in the past year, says independent watchdog Freedom House.

Hannah Ryan 7 days ago

The Young Politician Who Shut Down A Colleague With "OK Boomer" Thinks She Probably Killed The Meme

"I don’t often reference my age in parliament. Usually others do it for me," 25-year-old Chlöe Swarbrick told BuzzFeed News.

Cameron Wilson 13 days ago

Australia Won’t Censor 8chan Unless It Hosts The Christchurch Video, Says Internet Watchdog

Australia's internet watchdog blocked 8chan, but now it's back under a different name.

Cameron Wilson 14 days ago

People Are Role-Playing As Politicians On Reddit And It's Actually Surprisingly Wholesome

“The drought is canon. The climate protests are canon. But, for example, Scott Morrison isn’t prime minister.”

Cameron Wilson 14 days ago

Facebook Might Have Broken The Law By Sending Flowers To Politicians

The social media company is more used to dealing with software bugs than serious pests and diseases.

Cameron Wilson 17 days ago

This Australian Woman Tried To Sell A Signed Trump Book On Facebook, And, Well, Look At The Comments

"I’m not a fan of his politics, but the book was really interesting! Lots of cool business ideas. I don’t support him politically at all though."

Cameron Wilson 21 days ago

Australia Wants To Use Face Scans To Unlock Online Porn

"It will be interesting to see how many politicians are looking at porn. And I think they would have some interesting fetishes."

Cameron Wilson 22 days ago

The Australian Internet Community Says The Government Isn't Listening

As the Australian internet turns 30, digital rights groups are worried that policymakers aren’t paying attention to them.

Cameron Wilson 23 days ago

Hundreds Of Teens Who Work At McDonald's Are Using TikTok To Vent About Their Jobs

"On everyone's videos SOMEONE always comments no wonder my food takes so long."

Cameron Wilson 28 days ago

Divorced Dad Facebook Groups Are Encouraging Men To Break The Law

"Facebook lawyers are, for many dads, the ‘go-to’ place."

Cameron Wilson One month ago

There's Now An Online Version Of That Number You Dialled To Tell You The Exact Time

“Let the record show that I called 1194 sixty-six times that night.”

Cameron Wilson One month ago

Indigenous Teens Are Making TikTok Videos About Racism In Australia

“I turn my pain into pride and strength. I’ve decided to make TikToks about my Aboriginality.”

Cameron Wilson One month ago
Cameron Wilson One month ago