The Woman Who Baked This Jacinda Ardern Cake Is Very Sorry, For Obvious Reasons

    The NZ prime minister's response to the cake: "😳😳"

    Laura Daniel is a New Zealand television host, comedian and amateur baker. She's previously impersonated the country's prime minister, Jacinda Ardern.

    Daniel recently went up against fellow television host Hilary Barry in a baking competition on Barry's television show Seven Sharp.

    The challenge: make a cake, without flour, in two hours depicting a Kiwi icon.

    In an episode that aired on Tuesday night, Barry produced a pavlova — a delicious meringue concoction, usually served with cream and fruit, that is popular in New Zealand and Australia — in the shape of Aoraki (Mount Cook).

    Isn't it nice!

    Daniel chose a trickier target. She told BuzzFeed News that she decided to make a cake in the likeness of Jacinda Ardern as a tribute.

    "I genuinely love her and think she's been doing a great job," Daniel said. "And what better way to honour her than a stunning cake?"

    At the end of the allotted time, Daniel produced ... this.

    She later apologised for her cake, which incorporated an actual set of prosthetic teeth used by Daniel in her impersonations.

    "They say don't bake your heroes. But I wanted to try anyway. I'm deeply sorry @jacindaardern I truly tried my best with what I had available," Daniel wrote on Instagram.

    People poked fun at the cake on social media. One user commented on Daniel's post: "That will visit my dreams." Another said: "And I thought Covid19 was bad."

    Even Ardern weighed in with a comment: "😳😳".

    Despite her muse's response to the cake, Daniel still stans her prime minister.

    "I guess you could say Jacinda Ardern is a better prime minister than I am a baker," she said.