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This Couple Traveled To All 61 National Parks In Seven Months And Actually Broke Even

Taking an extended vacation might be easier — and more affordable — than you think.

Here's How To Have A Perfect Weekend In Atlanta, Georgia

Biscuits, brews, botanical gardens, bicycle tours. Oh, and very tiny doors.

22 Products For Anyone Who Travels Light

Yes I'm one of those people who packs for a weekend in a backpack or only carry-on yet am incredibly high-maintenance. I'm about to tell you how.

17 Airbnb's In Latin America You'll Probably Want To Book

Brace yourself for tree houses, infinity pools, and floor-to-ceiling windows.


Do You Know What The Heck People From These Places Are Called?

If someone's from New York, they're a New Yorker — but what about Delaware? Liverpool?

23 Practical Things For People Who Are Always Traveling

Whether you're OOO on a weeklong vacation or getting away for a short weekend trip, you just might find yourself reaching for these items every single time.

20 Free (Yes, Actually Free) Things To Do In New York City

See the city without spending a cent.

17 Tourist Mistakes Everyone Has Made In Spain

Don't even think about going to dinner before 8 p.m.

Tell Us About A Hidden Holiday Gem You've Visited In Australia

Pls God, help me escape the Bondi bubble this summer.


21 Things For Anyone Who's Just Really Ready To Go On Vacation Already

So, you have the longing. But do you have the products to go with that?

Here's The Best Burrito In Every State, According To Yelp

*immediately plans cross-country road trip based off this list*

Carhenge Is The Iconic Site You Probably Didn't Know You Needed To Visit 'Til Now

The ~free~ Nebraska roadside attraction is a total engineering marvel.

Only 8% Of People Can Match These Latin American Countries With Their Flags

You love the culture, but do you know the flag?

37 Tips And Products To Help You Have The Best Trip Ever

Because you know what ruins a trip before you've even boarded your first flight? Unexpected baggage fees.

I Thought Wilderness Was A Place To Find Myself, Until I Spent Four Months Living In It

A summer working on trails in the burned-out Oregon backcountry taught me that while humans may find profound beauty in nature, it does not exist for us.

29 Things To Wear On An Airplane So Your Flight Isn't As Terrible

Because itchy sweaters and uncomfortable denim shouldn't ruin the sheer joy that is an in-flight movie.

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