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Poor Decision

Casablanca Re-Edited To Exclude Smoking

To comply with standards set by the MPAA, Warner Brothers have decided to edit out all scenes featuring characters smoking in Casablanca to retain its original rating.

Juan Rodriguez, Obama Streaker

He's the first person to take that random billionaire up on his cash-for-streaking-the-president offer.. FYI: Juan still loves Barry. This was purely a business transaction. UPDATE: Now with SFW video.

Avatar Porn Parody Packaged With Na'vi Fleshlight [NSFW]

It's a good day for Na'vi fetishists. Fleshlight is bundling their blue "Alien" Fleshlight with Hustler's new 3D Avatar themed porn parody. I'm hoping that if I post about it, they'll send it to me for free to "evaluate".

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