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12 Stars Who Make Less Than The 'Two-And-A-Half Men' Kid

The 1/2 man from the most (inexplicably) popular show on television now makes $300,000 an episode. That's up from $250K an episode, btw, which is still more than most of the people on this list. I'm not saying all the grown-up actors deserve Emmys, but this whole situation explains how Frankie Muniz has $40million.

  • 1. Steve Carell: $297,000/episode of The Office

  • 2. Gary Sinise: $275,000/episode of CSI

  • 3. Patrick Dempsey: $250,000/episode of Grey's Anatomy

  • 4. David Duchovny: $200,000/episode of Californication

  • 5. David Boreanaz: $200,000/episode of Bones

  • 6. Julianna Margulies: $175,000/episode of The Good Wife

  • 7. Edie Falco: $175,000/episode of Nurse Jackie

  • 8. Jimmy Smits: $150,000/episode of Outlaw

  • 9. Jon Hamm: $100,000/episode of Mad Men

  • 10. Anna Paquin: $75,000/episode of True Blood

  • 11. Blair Underwood: $75,000/episode of The Event

  • 12. Jane Lynch: $50,000/episode of Glee

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