Matt Mulholland's Kiss From A Rose

The guy who sang a version of Oh Holy Night with all the lyrics changed to penis, now brings you his version of Kiss From A Rose. And yes, that is Batman and Robin whom are riding around on a moped.

Captain Xenu! • 6 years ago

Vin Diesel Break Dancing

Now all that needs to happen is Vin Diesel and Jean Claude Van Damme convincing studios to make Breakin' 3. It would be the most epic dance/action movie ever!

Captain Xenu! • 7 years ago

Street Talk With The Beards

The Beards (a band that sing about nothing but beards) head out onto the streets of Adelaide to interview bearded and non-bearded people alike. And then it degrades into them breaking shit, stealing cars and abusing people without beards.

Captain Xenu! • 7 years ago