2010 Meme Costume Power Ranking

So you've picked your hip internet-themed costume for Halloween, but is it unique? Urlesque breaks down the top internet meme costumes of 2010 based on preexisting internet lists and also offers a few not-so-popular ideas (even for the overlooked ladies).

Kelly Reeves • 7 years ago

Dog Rides Tandem Bicycle

In this clip from Animal Planet's Superfetch, a woman teaches her dog how to ride a bicycle. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks! (via Urlesque)

Kelly Reeves • 8 years ago

We Are All T-Pain With His New App

Folks are taking to YouTube to try out T-Pain's I Am T-Pain iPhone App. This adorable bird sounds awesome with auto-tune. It really makes everyone sound badass. More examples on Urlesque.

Kelly Reeves • 8 years ago