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Buster & Lyla

Buster and Lyla are brother and sister kitties born and raised in NYC. Tall, dark and handsome, Buster is the smart and savvy tabby not afraid to speak his mind when he needs something. Lyla is adventurous, frisky and always ready to cuddle when she's not climbing to the highest possible vantage point. They're friendly to strangers, good travelers, tolerant of a small living space and just all around good looking. How can you deny these faces a treat? They're no strangers to the internet. They've had a blog their whole lives, hacked Twitters, and Buster is a journalist, after all. Help them win the Ameowican Idol contest by voting CUTE below!

Kelly Reeves 7 years ago

Who Is The Most Obnoxious Media-Trained Kid?

From a professional movie reviewer (that gave Inception a C) to a cookbook shilling actor telling you how to eat well, sometimes overly media-trained kids remind us that kids should just be kids. Which is the worst?

Kelly Reeves 9 years ago

Three Busey Moon

It's never too late for more Three Wolf Moon parodies, as long as Gary Busey is involved. (via Urlesque)

Kelly Reeves 10 years ago


Site exchanges pictures of beer with cats in partiers' hands

Kelly Reeves 10 years ago

Cat Vs. Aquarium

Following the tradition of house cats "hunting" prey in their own living rooms, this kitty tries to get the fish. Does he succeed? (No.) See more epic cat vs. fish battles on Urlesque.

Kelly Reeves 10 years ago