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13 Of The Year's Funniest Texts With Moms

Damn You Autocorrect has compiled its list of the year's 13 funniest texts involving mothers in honor of Mother's Day. Here are four-- be sure to check out DYAC for the rest!

Earnest Pettie 7 years ago

The Karate Rap

It was the 80's. Karate was huge, and rap was getting popular. It made sense to combine the two to create the ultimate in 80's cool, right? Wrong. Very wrong.

Earnest Pettie 8 years ago

Old Media Guy

Old Media Guy is here to handle all your new media solutions!

Earnest Pettie 8 years ago

Gettin' Sugar High

This is the best kids' Halloween rap I've ever heard. It's also the only kids' Halloween rap I've ever heard, but that's beside the point.

Earnest Pettie 8 years ago

Moves Like Jabba

Moving like Jabba may not win you any more chicks than moving like Jagger, but if you're really making moves like Jabba, you've got chicks chained up at your feet anyway.

Earnest Pettie 8 years ago

Ninja Nuns

The sisters of this abbey took to martial arts to protect themselves from an increasingly dangerous neighborhood. They kick butt and take names... so they can pray for their victims later.

Earnest Pettie 8 years ago


I don't even care that this is a fake trailer. This Osama Bin Laden zombie movie must be made!

Earnest Pettie 8 years ago