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Andrew Shirvell

The assistant attorney-general from Michigan has basically been Perez Hilton-ing a gay kid for the fun of it. (The kid, Chris Armstrong, is the president of the Student Assembly at the University of Michigan, and Shirvell has been calling him a Nazi and stuff. On his own time. For the hell of it.)

You can read Chris Armstrong Watch, Shirvell's hate-blog, but here are some choice excerpts:

Wherein Shirvell calls Armstrong a pathological liar with a radical homosexual agenda:

Wherein Shirvell equates homosexuality with a cult:

Wherein Shirvell equates gays with the Ku Klux Klan:

Let's reemphasize that this person is (at least, for now) actually the assistant attorney general of the state of Michigan.

More reading can be found at The Michigan Daily, Above The Law, and Queerty. Here is Shirvell's depressing Facebook page, if you are more of the 4chan persuasion.

Finally, here's a remarkable Anderson Cooper interview with the guy (via Jezebel):

UPDATE: Shirvell has taken a "voluntary leave of absence." You can watch his boss defend him on national television here.