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Poor Decision

Poor Decision

The Girl In Shorts Must Feel Left Out

And other photos of the pretty flamenco dresses at the Feria de Abril in Seville, Spain.

10 Things Everyone Should Know About The Secret Service Prostitution Scandal

New details have emerged about the allegation that Secret Service agents paid for (or in some cases failed to pay for) prostitutes in Cartagena, Colombia. Here's what we know so far.

Charlie Sheen Found In Trashed Plaza Hotel Suite

Charlie Sheen has been hospitalized after being found naked in his trashed Plaza Hotel room suite. Reports indicate that tables, chairs and a chandelier were damaged. Some hell of a party!

Realistic Singing And Dancing Japanese Robot

This is both terrifying and amazing. Decide for yourself.

15 Reasons You'll Be Going to Comic Con Next Year

Geek girls need love too. Just remember these girls use props.

Shower Gel Boobs

Why would you want shampoo in a bottle when you can have shampoo in boobs? The ultimate gift for everyone.

Amazing Justin Bieber Pumpkin

Matt McFarland carved this amazing Biebkin.

Authentic Hermione Penis Size Test

Post your results in comments!

'Sarah Palin's Alaska' Trailer

Look at your life. Look at your choices.

Casablanca Re-Edited To Exclude Smoking

To comply with standards set by the MPAA, Warner Brothers have decided to edit out all scenes featuring characters smoking in Casablanca to retain its original rating.

The 15 Best Quotes From Justin Bieber's Autobiography

15 quotes from Justin Bieber's autobiography put through the Bieber Meme Generator. Thanks to Rats Off for the idea and Billboard and EW for the quotes.

Interpretive Dance Church Lady

I have no idea what's going on here.

10 Pictures of Snooki in a Bathing Suit

You know you want to look.

Chilean Miner Jokes

You're probably going to need some Chilean miner jokes if you want to participate in office banter today. We had to really dig for these.

Traffic Jam 101

Hardcore hip-hop band, Imperial Stars, thought it would be a good idea to block the entrance to the LA freeway to play a show on top of their van. Aside from actually reenacting their song, "Traffic Jam 101," the group also got arrested. That's one way to create a buzz!

World's Biggest Soccer Fan

25 year old Colombian Felipe Alvarez is a HUGE soccer fan. NO, its not that spray on shirt.

The 10 Sexiest Pictures Of Justin Bieber's Dad

Justin Biebers dad, Jeremy Jack Bieber, is super hot. Now I know where Justin gets his swagger from. Mmm.

Juan Rodriguez, Obama Streaker

He's the first person to take that random billionaire up on his cash-for-streaking-the-president offer.. FYI: Juan still loves Barry. This was purely a business transaction. UPDATE: Now with SFW video.

Chewing Gum High Heels

They're all the rage in Paris.

Jail Cell High Dive

Well, I guess this is a creative way to try and entertain yourself in prison. It's a good thing a high score on the spatial relationship section of the IQ test isn't required for entry.

Most Racist Political Campaign Ads 2010

You'd think it's 2010 and we should not be seeing or hearing these things but we are and it is disturbing to say the least. Is it a wonder that all the ads below come from GOP candidates? In no particular order:

Declaration Of War Against Justin Bieber Haters

It's not a joke anymore. Justice will be served. 14 days.

Yoga Is A Gateway To Demonic Possession

The Christian Broadcast Network reports.

Muscle Women

These women just don’t understand the concept of moderation. It’s okay to be fit, but when you look like Popeye maybe you can afford to skip the gym once a week.

12 Stars Who Make Less Than The 'Two-And-A-Half Men' Kid

The 1/2 man from the most (inexplicably) popular show on television now makes $300,000 an episode. That's up from $250K an episode, btw, which is still more than most of the people on this list. I'm not saying all the grown-up actors deserve Emmys, but this whole situation explains how Frankie Muniz has $40million.

Go Green Or We'll Kill Your Kids

The Brits are really serious about reducing carbon emissions. A grossly exaggerated message, of course, but it makes its point! (via)

Haven't We Done Enough For You People?

Yikes. Listen to this woman on C-Span tell us how racist she isn't. I don't think she knows what racist means.

A Tween "Hipster" Manifesto

Do you want a medal or something? Like better music and then we'll talk.

Camilo Villegas Goes Nude For ESPN

Golfer Camilo Villegas is heating up the golf course with his sexy nude cover for ESPN The Magazine’s “Body Issue.” And in his famous “Spiderman” pose no less. I'm glad he is putting all of his assets out there.

Man On Fire Jumps From Skyscraper

Because regular base jumping only requires balls of steel and this gentleman has balls of adamantium.

Frankie Muniz Vs. Fan

Frankie Muniz is starting shit again.

Naked Cowboy For US President

Robert John Burck, better known as the Naked Cowboy, or the man who plays guitar naked in Time Square announced that he plans to challenge President Barack Obama in the 2012 election for President of the United States of America. This is bound to be the best election yet!

Woman Mistakes Super Glue for Eye Drops

She reached for eyedrops and instead used superglue -- and it happens a lot more often than you might think.

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Tattoo

Probably the most badass tattoo. Ever.

New Gap Logo (Yikes)

Here's what Gap just did to their logo. Discuss. (Via.)

Fetus Cupcakes

I think I will take my chances with a cigar.

When Circus Lions Attack

Note: the trainer is already bleeding from the first attack when this video starts.

Two Kardashians: One Dress

Could there be anything worse for the Kardashians than wearing the same dress? Hey ladies, ever think of checking in with each other occasionally? This is a big fashion gaffe, especially when one pulls it off just a little bit better than the other.

Best Wedding Video Ever

Awkward, animated laser kisses for the win.

Russian Roulette For Kids

Do you feel lucky, Sara?

Public Twitter Booth

For when you need to send an emergency tweet. "@police #rapist #snatching people up #halp"

Little Beauty Queens

Many of these little girls are the creepiest things I have ever seen. I can’t even look at these pictures too long or I will have horrid nightmares.

Rich Sanchez's Anti-Semitic Booboo

CNN anchor Rick Sanchez called Jon Stewart a bigot and more or less implied that CNN/the media is controlled by Jews. You can listen below. UPDATE: And, predictably, he's been fired. Wham bam etc.

A Duke Girl's Extremely Thorough F*ck List

A recent female graduate of Duke put together this PowerPoint presentation on "horizontal academics," and surprise, it got forwarded everywhere.

Avatar Porn Parody Packaged With Na'vi Fleshlight [NSFW]

It's a good day for Na'vi fetishists. Fleshlight is bundling their blue "Alien" Fleshlight with Hustler's new 3D Avatar themed porn parody. I'm hoping that if I post about it, they'll send it to me for free to "evaluate".

The Official Carla Bruni Facelift Timeline

It pains me to say it, but we're entering some dangerous plastic surgery territory here. Stop now, Carla! You're beautiful just the way you are!

Andrew Shirvell

The assistant attorney-general from Michigan has basically been Perez Hilton-ing a gay kid for the fun of it. (The kid, Chris Armstrong, is the president of the Student Assembly at the University of Michigan, and Shirvell has been calling him a Nazi and stuff. On his own time. For the hell of it.)

The Coolest Bike In The World

Handlebar flamethrower? Check.

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