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Poor Decision

Poor Decision

Shower Gel Boobs

Why would you want shampoo in a bottle when you can have shampoo in boobs? The ultimate gift for everyone.

World's Biggest Soccer Fan

25 year old Colombian Felipe Alvarez is a HUGE soccer fan. NO, its not that spray on shirt.

Most Racist Political Campaign Ads 2010

You'd think it's 2010 and we should not be seeing or hearing these things but we are and it is disturbing to say the least. Is it a wonder that all the ads below come from GOP candidates? In no particular order:

Go Green Or We'll Kill Your Kids

The Brits are really serious about reducing carbon emissions. A grossly exaggerated message, of course, but it makes its point! (via)

Haven't We Done Enough For You People?

Yikes. Listen to this woman on C-Span tell us how racist she isn't. I don't think she knows what racist means.

A Tween "Hipster" Manifesto

Do you want a medal or something? Like better music and then we'll talk.

Man On Fire Jumps From Skyscraper

Because regular base jumping only requires balls of steel and this gentleman has balls of adamantium.

Naked Cowboy For US President

Robert John Burck, better known as the Naked Cowboy, or the man who plays guitar naked in Time Square announced that he plans to challenge President Barack Obama in the 2012 election for President of the United States of America. This is bound to be the best election yet!

Woman Mistakes Super Glue for Eye Drops

She reached for eyedrops and instead used superglue -- and it happens a lot more often than you might think.

Fetus Cupcakes

I think I will take my chances with a cigar.

When Circus Lions Attack

Note: the trainer is already bleeding from the first attack when this video starts.

Best Wedding Video Ever

Awkward, animated laser kisses for the win.

Public Twitter Booth

For when you need to send an emergency tweet. "@police #rapist #snatching people up #halp"

Rich Sanchez's Anti-Semitic Booboo

CNN anchor Rick Sanchez called Jon Stewart a bigot and more or less implied that CNN/the media is controlled by Jews. You can listen below. UPDATE: And, predictably, he's been fired. Wham bam etc.

A Duke Girl's Extremely Thorough F*ck List

A recent female graduate of Duke put together this PowerPoint presentation on "horizontal academics," and surprise, it got forwarded everywhere.

The Official Carla Bruni Facelift Timeline

It pains me to say it, but we're entering some dangerous plastic surgery territory here. Stop now, Carla! You're beautiful just the way you are!

Andrew Shirvell

The assistant attorney-general from Michigan has basically been Perez Hilton-ing a gay kid for the fun of it. (The kid, Chris Armstrong, is the president of the Student Assembly at the University of Michigan, and Shirvell has been calling him a Nazi and stuff. On his own time. For the hell of it.)

True Mud

Katy Perry is too sexy for Sesame Street, but True Blood is totally appropriate.

BATFXXX - Dark Knight Porn Parody

Not that you can really tell from this trailer. Thank God BuzzFeed created a Poor Decision button.

A New Hip Straight from God

To all the doubters out there, THIS IS definite Proof of God.

American Idol Judges Confirmed

Fox officially confirmed today, that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have signed on as replacements for American Idol’s three departing judges. Get ready for the weirdest Idol yet!

Michael Jackson the MMORPG

Planet Michael (as the developers claim) will be an immersive virtual space themed after iconic visuals drawn from Michael’s music, his life and the global issues that concerned him. Basically, it's World of Warcraft for the MJacks.

Dogs Love Hello Kitty

A joyous collection of dogs wearing Hello Kitty costumes. The only thing they have in common besides their love for Hello Kitty is that their owners hate them. Cats rule!

Your 90's Childhood In 94 Seconds

This makes me feel old. One day when someone finally cracks time travel, I'm going straight back to the 90s.

Pauly D Dresses Up As...Pauly D?

Pauly D posts a YouTube video of himself trying on a DJ Pauly D Costume. $24.99 from Costume Craze. Also comes in Snookie and Situation.

Accidental AK

Here's a video of a wannabe thug who accidentally shoots his dad's AK-47 indoors.

Racist Toothpaste

The only toothpaste recommended by the AKD!

Joker Audition Tape

This guy wants to play the Joker in the new Batman movie. C’mon Christopher Nolan, give a starving actor his due. (via Bite Daily)

Sure-fire Birth Control

I like the thought behind this birth control patch, but since I've already thought of at least 6 different ways you could work around it, I'm not sure how effective it will be. Use a condom anyway. Just in case.

Bailey's Terrible Haircut

My parents just gave our dog the worst haircut in the world. I think it's worthy of a poor decision badge, don't you?

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