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Steve Jobs, RIP

I made this tribute with one of my favorite Steve Jobs quotes on it, I hope it means as much to you as it does to me.

Damian Savage 8 years ago

Back to School Special

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a big supporter of two things: scholastics and proper skin care. One thing you might not know is that I've recently acquired a controlling interest in a spa.

Damian Savage 9 years ago

Mad Men's Sally Draper In High Fashion

Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka (Sally Draper) is part of a new high-fashion photo spread in Interview Magazine. (Ed. Note: She's 10. Don't even think about it.)

Lee Frank 9 years ago

Top 5 Rape Shirts (SFW)

Recently, while purusing one of my favorite womens' rights websites, I was alerted to a hot new clothing trend: rape shirts. Here are some of the finest examples.

Damian Savage 10 years ago

Strange Beer

It's been getting pretty lonely recently at the Savage residence, so I've taken to dressing up my only remaining friends and doing little re-enactments.

Damian Savage 10 years ago

Gingerbread Circle

Sorry I'm a little bit late getting this uploaded, but it took me a while to figure our how my new "digital" camera worked. My grandkids were in town this christmas and we had a great day making gingerbread cookies, here's a n "ePic".

Damian Savage 10 years ago

Kabbalah Vodka

The hot new Vodka in Russia this season is Kabbalah - With Christian infants. You can taste their screams!

Damian Savage 10 years ago

Cannibal Polar Bear

Aw, this gal got hungry, and ate her own cub as a snack. It's sad to see polar bears get hungry.

Damian Savage 10 years ago

Edward Likes Pegging

The kids these days always seems to be talking about this Edward character, who enjoy the popular sex act pegging. Kids!

Damian Savage 10 years ago

Helping Kids

One saturday a month I go to the Sad Kids Home (great organization) and try to put a little cheer into their lives.

Damian Savage 10 years ago

My Favorite Hot Dogs

The best thing about these hot dogs is there's no casing coming between your mouth and the meat. It's all natural.

Damian Savage 10 years ago

The Cutest Tennis Match Ever

Melanie Oudin (the 17-year-old American tennis darling) played Caroline Wozniacki (the 19-year-old Danish tennis darling) tonight at the US Open. It was the cutest tennis match in the history--even though Melanie lost. We will miss you and your pink shoes, friend.

Amanda Dobbins 10 years ago

I Forgot I'm On Facebook

My niece forgot that she was talking to a friend on the "social networking" website Facebook and now I know all about how she split her vagina open.

Damian Savage 10 years ago