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The Blondes 2013 Spring Collection

The Blondes newest collection dropped recently with models hitting the runway clad in seashells, sparkly bustiers, retina-burning hues, and lipstick. I mean actual lipsticks. Themed "Psycho Beach Party" and aptly titled because now I want to stab somebody to death in a shower... on the beach. I'm not sure I understand fashion.

zombieianbrooks 7 years ago

Dog Reading A Newspaper

Samson the Condescending Businessdog is unimpressed with dogs that can talk on the phone. After all, he could give you a few Pointers on the Lassie Faire market. (via: reddit)

zombieianbrooks 8 years ago

Sonic Running Like An Idiot

Zac Gorman had a vision: one of Sonic running like a friggin' moron. Nedroid then incited the masses to contribute and thusly, a flailing, jello-legged meme is birthed into the Internet. (via:

zombieianbrooks 8 years ago

Horse EBooks Comics

Inspired by @Horse_eBooks a spambot on twitter that circumvents the filter by posting excerpts from its online catalog of horse books, artist Burton Durand has decided to take it to its next logical step: a webcomic series.

zombieianbrooks 8 years ago

NEStalgia: Retro Game Art Cartridges is a project using actual playable NES cartridges as an art canvas to display pixelized versions of more modern games. Meant more as a piece of art, they even come with mounting brackets to hang on your wall, but make a great addition to a desk or office as well. But the original games are still intact if you want to play a classic NES game as well! Use the code IAN4MAYOR to get a 10% off your total order. (via:

zombieianbrooks 8 years ago

Russian Band Performing On Motorcycle

Wow. Entitled "The Town Musicians of Bremen" off of an old Grimm Brothers fairy tale, these russian rockers are taking requests at an outer belt near you.

zombieianbrooks 8 years ago

The Best Of Burning Man 2011

Burning Man is a place that I want to be inside. Put on your vintage steampunk breathing apparatus and three foot high carpet-shag boots and hop into my rolling Scooby Doo Deathstar and let's look at pictures from this year's Burning Man together. (via ianbrooks)

zombieianbrooks 8 years ago