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With permission from Mike, here is a music video and song for everyone's favourite cat, Lil Bub!

Rob Scott 6 years ago

DJ Kitty Scratch

DJ Kitty Scratch is the hottest new rapper

Rob Scott 6 years ago

Top 10 Sounds Millenials Will Never Hear

Even though our daily lives have been made much more convenient thanks to the various technological advances, we’ve lost a lot of the charm that old devices had… specifically, the unique clicks, clacks and cachunks that these instruments made so you knew they were working.

Rob Scott 6 years ago

Star Trek: Into Sexiness

How that awkward underwear scene with Alice Eve made it into the latest Star Trek film.

Rob Scott 6 years ago

The Auto-Complete Map Of Canada

We typed ____ is into Google and reproduced the best auto-complete results onto this handy map of Canada.

Rob Scott 6 years ago

Underfoot Wesley Crusher

Remember Wesley from Star Trek: TNG? Did he know how to annoy the crew of the Enterprise or what?

Rob Scott 6 years ago