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    Top 10 Sounds Millenials Will Never Hear

    Even though our daily lives have been made much more convenient thanks to the various technological advances, we’ve lost a lot of the charm that old devices had… specifically, the unique clicks, clacks and cachunks that these instruments made so you knew they were working. / Via

    More specifically, very old cash registers that dinged and donged as they opened and closed. Do they still do that, or is it just an annoying clunk as they slam shut? / Via

    That’s right kids, there was a time when it took forever to print a spreadsheet – and it’s not like you could play Angry Birds while waiting for the document to finish. You had to pay attention to the sheets you were printing, and separate them by hand! / Via

    Here’s a question: Why did the ICQ messenger say “Uh oh” every time you had a new message? Shouldn’t it be a good thing that someone is talking to you? Unless the machines realized our inevitable need for human interaction and they were mocking us for it. You mechanical bastards! / Via

    Instant access to information used to be such a pain in the ass! Not only did you have to make sure that no one was planning on making a phone call, but it was also so darn slow. And the sound? Ugh, like the screeching demons of Hell! / Via

    Part of the inspiration behind the 1998 romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, “You’ve got mail” is what you’d hear every time you got a new e-mail. It was helpful at first, but as e-mail became the #1 form of communication, you just wanted to find whoever’s voice that was and strangle him to death with your Ethernet cable.