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Night Danger Sign Turned Night Ranger

When you see the Night Danger sign on the side of the highway doesnt it remind you of Night Ranger, anyhow this guy thought the same thing.

todd v2.0 6 years ago


at the 3:10 mark the DANCE OFF begins!!

todd v2.0 7 years ago

Little Drummer Boy

Heres a great new version of a true christmas classic done by Sean Quigley who also directed and edited the whole video.

todd v2.0 8 years ago

Punk Rock Johnny Cash Dead At 27

Jesse Morris, the San Francisco busker known as the "Punk Rock Johnny Cash," passed away this week at age 27. He was the true ghost of Johnny Cash, R.I.P.

todd v2.0 8 years ago

Giant Spider Scare

Girlfriend scares the crap out of boyfriend with a big hairy spider, priceless reaction

todd v2.0 8 years ago