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Most Racist Political Campaign Ads 2010

You'd think it's 2010 and we should not be seeing or hearing these things but we are and it is disturbing to say the least. Is it a wonder that all the ads below come from GOP candidates? In no particular order:

  • "You are One of Us"

    Once considered a maverick, John McCain is now a shadowy and shriveling figure who completely abandoned all his principles for re-election. As the ad says, he is "one of us" as opposed to "one of them" people who want to hurt Americans by doing their jobs at next to no pay and intentionally causing accidents on the road. Right.

  • Speak English Only

    And then there was GOP candidate for Governor Tim James whose biggest concern is that driver's licenses exams are in 12 different languages even though eliminating that would most likely lead to a loss of funds from the federal government for the state of Alabama. This spoof video on Tim James in response is a must-watch.

  • Chinese Take-over

    When gays, immigrants and Muslims are not enough to scare people into voting GOP, lets turn to China! There's some ads floating around but the most strikingly racial one is from Spike Maynard, hoping to unseat Rep Nick Rahall in West Virgina. His ad uses stereotypical Chinese music and images of the "made in China" label on clothes and toys to denote how the Chinese are taking over.

  • Scary Brown People

    Yes, we get it, brown people are scary especially when standing around in trios. But now the children of undocumented immigrants are demonized and treated as a threat to white college graduates. The "stock photo" used comes from a David Vitter campaign and it is actually a picture of Mexican nationals who are not even undocumented.

  • More Scary Brown People

    And of course, David Vitter is not giving up on his attacks on immigrants anytime soon even though his opponent and him practically share the same views on illegal immigration.

  • Brown People Are Terrorists

    I don't know Dan Fanelli. Most of us are more terrorized by white guys in ties presiding over home foreclosures and corporate shenanigans. Do you need to see the ads again?