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He has a very dignified mustache.

Rebecca E. 7 years ago

Neil Gaiman On Internet Piracy: 'It's An Incredibly Good Thing'

This interview is almost a year old now, but it's no less relevant that in the wake of the internet blackout to protest SOPA and PIPA on January 18th. Beloved author Neil Gaiman (Anansi Boys, Sandman, Neverwhere) speaks in defense of internet piracy, something he once feared, saying that it has actually helped his book sales.

Rebecca E. 7 years ago

Angry Cobra-Cat

I can't wait for the SyFy sequel, "MegaCobra-cat vs. Mister Whiskers."

Rebecca E. 8 years ago

Body Back "Buddy"

Finally, an answer to the question: “What do you get for the person who’s always wanted to do it with one of the Barrel Of Monkeys monkeys?”

Rebecca E. 8 years ago

The Doctor Meets Charlie Brown

Artist Larry Wentzel imagined what it would be like if Charles Schultz drew the characters from Doctor Who. Daleks are a lot more agile in the Peanuts!verse… [via Wentzelepsy]

Rebecca E. 8 years ago

Posh Spock

Live long and proper. “I say, good sir! Plomeek soup in a teacup is positively illogical!”

wedontgiveafrak 8 years ago