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AWESOME! Large Woman Washes Up On Beach

We'll never know how she got out of her natural habitat, but these kids try to pull this beached woman to safety to get her back to Dr. Phil and potato chips before she dies of deprivation.

20 Best Obama Memes From The Osama Drama

The shoemaker Internet elves have been pulling triple shifts this weekend. Everyone knows the importance of an event is directional proportionate to the number of funny captioned images created.

Top 20 Conspiracy Theories That Have Already Sprung Up Around President Obama's Birth Certificate

Well, that didn't take long. All of the purported inconsistencies and mysterious anomalies with President Obama's long form birth certificate. And this is only within the first few hours of the document's release. Give the Birthers a few days to come up with some really juicy stuff. Between this and the conspiracy theories about Osama bin Laden's death, they're going to be very busy.

Video Of St. Louis Airport Tornado

A tornado hit the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport -- here's security camera footage of what it looked like inside the concourse.

The Best Recipes For Cake In A Jar

Why have cake in a jar, you ask? Because it's awesome! This cake is not a lie, so I'd advise you to stop drooling and start baking now!

Baby Penguin Being Tickled

Ever wondered how a penguin sounds when you tickle it? Then you have to see this ticklish little fella!

45 McDonald's Items Not Available In The U.S. That Should Be

A whole smorgasbord of menu items available at McDonald's restaurants abroad that we in the United States can only salivate over from afar. Those creeps at McDonald's International are holding out on us.

Bitter Borders Compilation

At least it's justified bitterness manifesting in the form of some awesome passive aggression. Since filing for bankruptcy, Borders Books has been shutting down stores like they're going out of business style. Not all the employees are taking it well. But when you've got nothing to lose, humor and irony reign supreme.

20 Insanely Creative Bookshelves

If you're tired of simply stacking your books along your windowsill, maybe it's time to take a more creative approach. Here are some bookcases that might just be more exciting than the books themselves!

Cat Plays With Dolphin

What happens if a curious cat meets a playful dolphin? Only YouTube has the answer.

15 Hilarious Eyebrow Fails

From illustration-like eybrow pencil abuse, to eyebrow tattoos. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, these eyebrows are the soul's aluminum siding.

Mesmerizing Japanese Cellphone Ad

This beautiful ad was done by Drill Inc, a Japanese advertising agency, and it features a wooden ball rolling down the homemade marimba in the midst of Kyushu, Japan’s woodlands. Simply awesome.

New Stills From Breaking Dawn Sex Scene

Unless this ends with a call to the fire department, a la A Christmas Story, to remove his popsicle-like penis from inside her, I'm not interested. But I know a lot of you are. So here. Happy? [Update: We got a takedown notice and removed the images. But they were creepy!]

35 Breathtaking Aerial Photographs

A bird's eye view of the world. If bird's were tourists...with cameras...and little fanny packs. Yann Arthus Bertrand is famous in the photography world for his stunning aerial photography and it's easy to see why.

The 20 Best Cat Towers

Is there such a thing as spoiling your cat too much? Seriously, is there?

Same Ol' Tiger

A leopard may change his spots, but once a Tiger, always a Tiger.

Guilty Dog!

Someone helped themselves to the cat treats while their owner was out! Let's see, who could it have been?...

"Up" House Recreated In Real Life

On Saturday morning, March 5, at dawn, National Geographic Channel and a team of scientists, engineers & two world-class balloon pilots successfully launched a 16' X 16' house 18' tall with 300 8' colored weather balloons from a private airfield east of Los Angeles, and set a new world record for the largest balloon cluster flight ever attempted.

Cats With Thumbs

I, for one, welcome our feline overlords.

Animals About To Sneeze

If you've ever had the pleasure of seeing an animal about to sneeze, you know that each one has a particular face they make beforehand. Whether that face involves one eye closed or both, mouth open or teeth bared, I scoured the Internet so that you too can partake in this important medium of photography.

Kittens In Bowls

Why are non-Japanese countries even allowed to do game shows at all?

Hot Girls With Hulk Hands [NSFW]

These Hulks could smash me any day. Seeing that typed out, I now realize how little sense it makes. Sorry.

Pikachu Kitty!

Love or hate Pokemon, this is astoundingly adorable.

Slow Motion Chipmunk

Chipmunks normally look like furry little blurs to me. It's about time someone slowed down some footage so I can properly appreciate how cute these guys are.

15 WTF Frozen Foods

You thought the Digiorno's Cookie+Pizza combo was bad? Check out these other frozen aisle misfires. (Via)

If Best Picture Movie Posters Told The Truth

It happens all the time: a movie with a badass poster turns out to be boring as hell. Shouldn't there be some sort of law against misleading advertising like that? The Shiznit has decoded the truth behind some of this year's Oscar-nominated films. Check out their site for many more.

Top 25 Ingredients in Taco Bell's 'Beef'

A law firm in Alabama is suing Taco Bell for false advertising, charging that what the fast food giant calls "beef" contains only 36% actual cow flesh. Here's what makes up the other 64% of the meat-esque substance dripping from your chalupa. This list is based on an official ingredient label obtained by Gizmodo.

A Dog Takes Its Loyalty to the Grave in Brazil

A dog, "Leao", sits for a second consecutive day, next to the grave of her owner, Cristina Maria Cesario Santana, who died in the week's catastrophic landslides in Brazil.

The Tiniest Polar Bear

He's so beautiful!

Shoplift Like a Boss [NSFW]

An interesting way to go about snatching chicken. Don't try this one at home.

I Just Had Sex (feat Akon)

The Lonely Island guys are back (with Akon) with their ode to doin' it.

Incredible Wizard of Oz Medley

Every year, Hope College hosts Nykerk Night, a singing competition between freshmen and sophomore women. For the latest song battle, the Class of 2013 put on a really impressive Wizard of Oz medley. Does anyone know where they're pulling those props from?

Cats Celebrating Hanukkah

Hanukkah starts today at sundown, and these kitties are ready for eight crazy nights filled with presents, and potato latkes! (Via.)

The Very Best Font And Typography Humor

Please feel free to add your own, if you're into that type of thing. Zing! (WARNING: Do not click if you don't enjoy dumb jokes about fonts and stuff.)

Pattycake Cats Translated

I mean, this is pretty much what we assumed they were saying, but it's nice to have another excuse to watch this masterpiece of a cat video.

TSA Bumper Stickers

A collection of TSA bumper stickers for your approval. I also wanted one that read: "TSA: The most action you'll get all year".

The Most White Trash Family Photo Ever Taken

Taken at “Crüe Fest” a couple years ago in St. Louis. They are all there…the juggalo, the wrestling fan, the pot smoking father and the consistently pregnant wife. Welcome to America? Nah, not quite…..just welcome to a Motley Crüe concert.

Kitty Pilgrims

The turkey's in the oven, the cranberry sauce is out of the can, and these cats in their little hats are ready to celebrate with a purrfect Thanksgiving feast! (Via.)

The Angry Birds Peace Summit

The angry birds meet with a mediator to hash our their differences with the dastardly pigs.

Bizarre Towel Commercial

I can't even believe this commercial exists. What were they thinking?

A Proud Moment

When you see It, your mind will be blown.

Make Your Own Four Loko Homebrew

We were devastated when we heard that Four Loko was banned in New York, so we came up with our own recipe. Enjoy! (BuzzFeed is not liable for any injury, illness, or death associated with this Four Loko homebrew recipe.)

Badass Cat Vs. Gator

A crazy cat takes on a gator and wins. I wish my cat was this badass. via

A Really Useful Dog

This dog is way beyond sit, shake, and roll over.

A box TOO small for Maru?

Internet sensation feline Maru is notorious for squeezing into small boxes. But is there a box too small for Maru? Maru's owner tests out that theory.

Don Draper Says "What?"

This video editor feels that "Don Draper uses the word "what" as Van Gogh used color or Beethoven used sound."

Alpacas with Post Punk Hair

I don't know, I've just been really obsessed with alpacas lately.

Red Shirt Guy Asks The Nerdiest Question Ever

You nerds probably all know the answer to this question. Like, you probably have been wondering the same thing yourself, but you were too afraid to ask a panel of World of Warcraft game designers. Red Shirt Guy just showed you all up.

Husband Snaps On Abortion Protesters

He and his 16-weeks-pregnant wife went to a women's clinic in Brookline, Mass. for an abortion after discovering that their baby had a congenital deformity with no chance for survival. On their way in, they were confronted by images of dismembered fetuses and two women yelling, "You're killing your unborn baby!" Enraged, Gouveia decided to confront the protesters while his wife was in surgery, and he caught the whole interaction on his cellphone.

Catty Cake

Cute cats are playing patty cake or Wing Chun Sticky hands.

14 Fast Food Items Not Available In The U.S. That Should Be

Burger King recently released a Nacho the Netherlands. It's not available stateside. The amount of sense this makes is in the Bret Easton Ellis realm, because it's less than zero. The Nacho Whopper would clog U.S. drive thrus faster than it would clog U.S. blood holes (science lingo). Here are a bunch of fast foods only available abroad which need to emigrate to my mouth.

Sleeping Puppy Noises

Plus a human-dressed-up-as-a-puppy doll, for God's sake.

13 Vintage Ads That Would Be Banned Today

When you see these vintage ads, you'll realize that Don Draper isn't so bad after all. Real Mad Men was way more racist, misogynist, and pedophile oriented. ( Via ).

Jersey Shore's Snooki On South Park!

Finally! Last Night South Park made fun of Jersey Shore including nasty Snooki! This is straight up hilarious!

So You Dropped Your Food On The Floor: Do You Eat it?

Sometimes the five second rule can be a little ambiguous depending upon “where it lands”. So here’s a chart to help you determine whether that last scrumptious bite can be salvaged.

Kitten Falls Asleep In A Teacup

There are actually two videos of this event. Make sure you catch them both. (That is a lovely blue on that wall!)

22 Pictures of Flying Dogs

Size doesn't matter. Big or small, these dogs catch some sick air!

35 Kit Kat Varieties From Around The World

Break me off a piece of that. [Ed. note: I highly recommend the tea-flavored Kit Kat and the wasabi Kit Kat, if you're ever in Japan.]

Sand Cat Kittens

A litter of adorable Sand Cat Kittens recently debuted at The Parken Zoo in Sweden. BRB, buying a plane ticket. (Via)

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